please excuse us, we’re tired & cranky.

by @according2kelly on June 23, 2009

i don’t want to complain, because that’s not really my nature, although, i have no problem making excuses… so, i’m sorry if i haven’t called you back. i’m sorry if you’ve emailed & received no reply back from me. i’m sorry if you’ve commented on the blog & i haven’t made the effort to visit yours. i can assure you this isn’t typical kelly behavior. after all, my mother did raise me with manners, & just a touch of class. but these days, with two wild & crazy boys competing for their moms attention, one hyper dog, a few cases of thrush, several sleepless nights & a baby who wants needs requires to be held 24/7, all adds up to one mom who isn’t exactly a happy camper. & i know, i know… “this to shall pass.” i’m just hoping it will pass soon! until then, i just keep repeating to myself “keep calm & carry on.” so again i must apologize… if we happen to chat & i’m not overly bubbly & enthusiastic, or if i’m not posting as much to the blog, as often as usual – just understand how hard it is to do all these things with a screaming baby in your arms, two little boys nagging at you to bake them cookies, all the while, all you want to do is sleep (& maybe take a quiet, peaceful shower). hopefully the “sun will come out, tomorrow.” until then, i’m hoping i can “keep calm and carry on.”

image via anne taintor.


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