taking the plunge.

by @according2kelly on June 11, 2009

eleanor roosevelt once said “do one thing every day that scares you.” so, with that in mind, today i took the plunge – literally… i went for a swim. no, not a casual, frolick-lick swim with the boys. but an intensive, calorie-burning, hunger-inducing swim. & unlike my boys, who are fish when it comes to the water, i’m the exact opposite. i feel more like a fish out of water when it comes to swimming. so, although it may have required several (internal) pep-talks, eventually i donned my bubblegum pink swim cap & googles and literally took the plunge. i have terrible technique, i’m still getting the whole breathing thing down, i can barely swim in a straight line, & i doubt i will ever master that fancy swim turn. but, today i did one thing that scares me. & hopefully, tomorrow, it won’t scare me quite as much. as long as i keep singing “just keep swimming, just keep swimming,” i think i might even start to enjoy this whole swimming thing.


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