the break up.

by @according2kelly on June 10, 2009

i have to admit, this isn’t a conversation i’ve been wanting to have. in fact, i’ve been putting it off for far too long. i always seem to find one excuse or another. & even though it’s all i’ve thought about lately, even though i’ve played the scene over & over a thousand times in my head, even though i’ve planned out exactly what i’ve wanted to say… now that the moment is here, now that you & i are finally face-to-face, the words seem to escape me.

this definitely isn’t an easy situation. but i have to admit, you were never right for me. i think, even in the very beginning, deep down, i knew that this would never really work. but, it was hard to ignore those sparks. even now, the sparks are still there. it’s like i can hear them calling my name. & seeing you, just sitting there, looking soooo good, makes this even harder. i guess that’s why they say “breaking up is hard to do.”

i wish we could still be friends, but you & i both know that that never works out. no, no… it’s not you, it’s me. see, i’m just not that strong – occasional get-togethers, watching you with other people, all along pretending i’m no longer interested in you… yeah! i don’t think that would last very long. pretty soon we’d be inseperable, once again. but i’m serious about it this time. that’s why i think, no, i KNOW i need a completely clean break. you are just too much of an addiction for me to handle.

you’ve probably already noticed, but lately, i’ve been spending less & less time with you. slowly, but surely, i have been trying to ease you out of my daily life. &, i’m proud (although a little sad too) to admit, at this writing i have gone 1 week, 5 days, 12 hours & 37 minutes without you. honestly, you probably haven’t even missed me, but i have missed you. & i will continue to miss you, every day of my life, because you will always have a piece of my heart. but this time, it really is goodbye. cherry coke, dr. pepper & regular coke, oh how i’ll miss you, but really & truly, this has to be the end of our relationship, it’s time to go our seperate ways. i just hope i have the strength to live without you… i’ll definitely be in need of a re-bound relationship.


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