are you ready to get your swap on?

by @according2kelly on July 15, 2009

okay ladies… i’m hard at work on the swap. actually, to tell you the truth, all the hard work is done. what i NEED to do is email everyone their partners. so don’t worry if you haven’t received your partners’ info, you’re not the only one. & i promise (crosss my heart & hope to die, stick a needle in my), i’m not ignoring you. so, if you’ve sent me an email, please don’t hate me if i haven’t responded. it’s not that i don’t love you, because i do! i really, really do! the problem has to do with my email account. under normal circumstances i LOVE my
email system. but, because there are sooo many swap participants (i think we are in the 400s this year! holy cow!), i’m sending alot of emails. gmail seems to think i’m a spammer. so, i can only send out a few emails at a time, otherwise everything i send starts bouncing back, & then they lock my account. & when i say lock my account, i mean i can log in, i can receive email (i think), but i can’t send any email for 24 – 72 hours. i’ve already had that happens once, thus far, so i’m trying to avoid getting locked out again. so, with that being said. i promise, your partners’ info is on it’s way. in fact an email with YOUR name is sitting, at this very moment, in my drafts, just waiting to be sent. i’ll probably extend the deadline by a week or so, to make up for this lost time, but that’s a discussion for another day. today i’m just concentrating on getting out all the emails & fantasizing about my hubby’s birthday cake that i can’t eat (all the sugar, flour & dairy… this diet really kind of sucks). so please, i ask of you, i beg of you, just be patient a little while longer. sooner than later you’ll be getting your swappity swap on!

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