i’m starving.

by @according2kelly on July 8, 2009

so i’ve been battling a medical condition. nothing extremely serious, although it is very painful & makes me feel terrible, pretty much all of the time. i’ve tried natural remedies, as well as lots & lots of strong medications. & yet, nothing seems to kick this bad boy in the butt. so, as a last resort i’m starting a new diet. the no sugar, no wheat, no starch, no dairy, no processed foods diet. i’m a going to avoid all forms of sugar & wheat as well as processed foods that promote yeast growth. basically, i can’t eat anything. (on the plus side, maybe i’ll lose this baby weight i’m carrying around.)

okay, so maybe “i can’t eat anything” is a bit of an exaggeration… i can eat whole grain products (oatmeal, rice, & pastas), things made of corn flour (pretty much anything that is gluten free), fresh meats, fish, eggs, oatmeal, popcorn, soups (without msg), nuts & seeds, vegetables & water. i guess the really tricky part, other than fantazing about all the foods i can’t eat, is figuring out what i can eat. any suggestions?

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