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by @according2kelly on July 7, 2009

so i’m busy as a bee, putting together all the swap partners (we have about 300 participants! holy cow!) anyway, as i was saying, i’ve been playing match maker, when a thought occurred to me. in the past, i’ve always “paired” up partners, so you swap back & forth, with one another. i’ve always enjoyed this, because you get to know one person really well. but, i was thinking it could be kinda fun to do a more “random” type of swap… person a gives to person b, person b gives to person c. does that make sense? this way you get to know two people… the person you give to & the person who gives to you. so what do YOU think? any preference? i’m not sold on either idea & seeing that this is YOUR swap, i thought i’d put the ball in your court. (love that tennis humor? speaking of which did anyone catch the men’s wimbledon final? it was AMAZING!) anyway, make your preference known…. vote on your preferred swapping method.


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