you definitely need to go to disneyland this summer.

by @according2kelly on July 1, 2009

as you probably already know, this summer disneyland is pulling out all the stops. everything is bigger, bolder, & more fantastic than ever before, especially the firework spectacular! with eden espinosa (best known for her starring role as elphaba in the LA & san francisco run of wicked) singing magical’s theme song as well as classic disney tunes like “baby of mine,” you know it’s going to be incredible… & the show doesn’t let you down. you know it’s good when the very big (as in strong), very manly man standing in front of me, whispers to his friend “wow! that was good. that was really really good.” so, without any further ado, here’s a sneak peak at the incredible finale for disneyland’s newest firework spectacular magical, if you want see the ENTIRE show you’ll just have to go to disneyland this summer. but, if you really want the “full” effect, watch THIS video of steve davison, vice president of parades & spectaculars, reenacting the finale of the show. then, watch the following video of the “real” thing. & i apologize in advance for any shaky camera work, i was busy juggling a one-month old baby & the camera…

p.s. the new fantasmic & electrial parade are also incredible. trust me!


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