let’s talk dirty.

by @according2kelly on August 18, 2009

this weekend i did something that made jeffy get all hot & flustered. get your minds out of the gutter, please! it was nothing like that! what i did, probably made him more excited & happy then that ever could… i went mountain biking.

although getting all geared up in my shorts & jersey, helmet & gloves didn’t exactly make me feel pretty (or even remotely sexy), jeffy seemed to think i looked pretty hot – or at least that’s what he says. i guess it’s true what they say… boys like dirty girls.

so there i was, looking totally & completely professional. & yet, i was a jumble of nerves on the inside. the last time i had taken to the hills on my bike, i fell not once, not twice, but three times. & these were full-blown, over-the-handlebars, twisted-up-in-the-bike, dirt-on-your-teeth types of falls. when i realized, just a few days later, that i was pregnant, i decided it was time i hang up the mountain bike, at least momentarily.

this weekend, i decided that it was time for my riding sabbatical to be over. i broke out my riding shoes (classic vans with a rose patch covering the hole from my last bike ride, because i’m way too scared to “clip in” quite yet), strapped on my helmet & straddled the bike. & let me tell you, even with an entire year to work up to this ride, i was still terrified. the feel of the dirt, rocks slip-sliding under the weight of my bike, the fear that at any moment i could (& very possibly would) go flying over the front of the handlebars, made my entire insides shudder with every dip & bump. i did everything i’m not supposed to do, & nothing that i should do. & through it all, i held my breath, & continually prayed that i would make it off the mountain alive.

i did eventually make it off the mountain, but let’s just say i descended rather slowly… i don’t know if i’ll ever be comfortable going fast. give me a hill to climb, any day. but unfortunately, what goes up, must come down. so down i came, grasping the handle bars tight as i can, sticking out my butt as far as i could, with the phrase “i think i can! i think i can!” constantly on the brain.


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