stick a fork in it.

by @according2kelly on August 12, 2009

lately, crafting has had to take a back seat to life. i have to admit that i have yet to break out the sewing machine since charlie’s been born… there’s just too much effort involved. so, when i can come up with a project that is quick & easy, i get a little giddy & go just a tad bit overboard.

recently, i was on the hunt for some vintage (otherwise known as someone else’s unwanted junk) spoons, for another project i had in mind. i ended up purchasing a whole bag of vintage forks as well, figuring i’d come up with something to do with them. although i still haven’t gotten around to the spoon project, i did manage to make a thing or two, with a couple of the forks… i’m loving my new repurposed (or is it cooler if i call it recycled? or is up-cycled?) fork photo holder & fork easel. the photo holder is perfect for holding little snapshots (or possibly a to-do list) on the fridge, while the easel is now proudly displaying some of my favorite recipes. stick a fork in it… i’m done.


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