who i am.

by @according2kelly on August 31, 2009

recently i was challenged to write about myself using 25 words or less. kinda like my own, self-describing personnel ad, complete with self-portrait. here was the end result…

cherry coke drinking, crushed ice loving, bike riding, apron wearing, marathon training, surprisingly shy, REAL orange county housewife & mama of 3 with ADD crafting tendencies.

care to play along? i’d love to get to know YOU even better.

step one: take your self portrait. no primping necessary (check me out in all my mountain biking glory… complete with helmet hair & a thin coating of dirt)

step two: describe yourself in 25 words or less

step three: introduce yourself to the world (or at least me), by posting it to your blog. just make sure to leave a comment here, so i can make the blog rounds. or, if you’re feeling lazy, just post your 25 word bio in my comment section. either way, i can’t wait to get to know you just a wee bit better.


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