151 minutes of toe tapping music

by @according2kelly on September 9, 2009

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i spent a lot of time creating the “perfect” running playlist… chock-full of tunes that would get my feet moving & my heart pumping. unfortunately, i was too blonde, or maybe it was too early in the morning, or perhaps i was just a little bit nervous – whatever the case, i couldn’t figure out how to work my cool new earphones. that is, until 5 minutes after the race was over, when it occurred to me to check the volume control on the earphones. (did i mention i was blonde?) so, i ended up running sans any musical motivation. but, i received so many inquiries about my 1/2 marathon playlist i decided to make it available to the “masses.” you can check it out HERE.


I love your blog and am inspired by your love of life!

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