by @according2kelly on September 17, 2009

i had the greatest weekend ever. i spent it with over 100 ladies (& maybe one or two gents) who are creative, inspiring & overall just complete visionaries. i loved getting the opportunity to meet and greet a few new, & several familiar faces. i loved chatting & getting to know new friends. i loved feeling important as i exchanged business cards. & i loved, loved, loved, LOVED getting to meet several of my absolute favorite blog crushes… marie of make & takes, allison of petite elefant, & carrie of this is me journal & this mama makes stuff (okay, you caught me. carrie & are practically bffs from way back when, but i did LOVE getting to spend the weekend with her). but that wasn’t all! i also got to spend a little time with the beautiful, creative & awe-inspiring heather bailey. (excuse me for a moment while i pinch myself, i still can’t believe i actually got to meet her. & yes, she is absolutely amazing! definitely one of those people you want to hate, but you just can’t – she is just sooo incredibly genuine & gosh darn nice!)

make & takes marie, this is me carrie, petite elefant allison, & me
(photo stolen from allison. & allison, you’re right…
the close-up, in your face pictures look way better.)

it was so incredible being surrounded by so much “greatness.” i felt like a starstruck little kid, visiting disneyland for the very first time. it took everything i had to restrain myself from taking pictures with everyone & asking each one of them for their autograph.


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