my cuddly wrap sales pitch.

by @according2kelly on October 2, 2009

so, we went to disneyland yesterday. yep! one the perks of living in orange county is that we can drop everything & anything and head over to disneyland, just to have dinner & watch the fireworks show. (last night i had the famed disneyland monte cristo, & let me tell you – it was amazing!) anyway… as we’re walking along, jeffy asks “do you even notice anymore?” “notice what?” i respond. “notice the way people stare.”

it’s true, people do stare. & not just at disneyland. everywhere i go, people stare. & it’s not because i’m profoundly beautiful. (although, i’m the first to admit that my new hair-do is smoking hot. it’s just a little bit sweet & a whole lot of sass. did i mention that i cut, no chopped, all my hair off? i can’t remember if i shared that little bit of news. anyways… i’m off the subject again.) people stare, point & whisper at my children. at first, it’s my stroller that gets their attention. having had my stoller for years, i (wrongly) assume that everyone has heard of phil & teds strollers, but judging by the number of “oohhs!”& “ahhhs!” i get, i guess everyone doesn’t know about the greatness that is the phil & teds.

once they get over how incredible my stroller is, they are soon amazed by my little charlie… snug as a bug in the cuddly wrap. i’m the first to admit at first glance, the cuddly wrap can be just a tad bit intimidating. but trust me, after tying it on a couple of times, pretty soon it became like second nature. pretty soon i realized it was the greatest invention in the entire world. my children have traveled around the world bundled up in that little wrap. they live day & night in it, how else would i ever get anything done? my little charlie… she may look like a little angel, but she definitely has got a pair of pipes. right now, her favorite past time is definitely screaming. but, once she gets bundled up in her little wrap, she can sleep for hours at a time.

i’m telling you – if you’re prego, have a baby, or need a gift for someone who is having a baby… this is THE must-have. if only i had a dollar or two for every time someone asked me about my cuddly wrap, i’d be a very rich gal. maybe i should look into working for them on a commission basis, i think i could make some serious cash. so there you have it, my cuddly wrap sales pitch.

p.s. by the by… do you like my pink-ish tint on my photo, in honor of national breast cancer awareness month?


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