this is halloween, this is halloween…

by @according2kelly on October 1, 2009

so, i LOVE halloween time at disneyland. & not just because they treated my family & i to a super fantastical day filled with all things halloween time-ish, but because it is absolutely & completely freak’in AWESOME! this year the “villains” took over the parks & let’s just say they really outdid themselves. there’s “boo-tiful” decorations complete with candy corn hanging from trees. jack skellington has once again returned & made the haunted mansion his home & a ghost has taken over space mountain. but best of all is the disneyland halloween screams firework show. it is amazing! absolutely A-MAZING! once again, the “villains” know how to take care of business…  as the fireworks explode in the night sky, the castle is bathed in ghostly lights, all the while each of the “villains” takes his or her turn commanding “center stage,” so to speak. but, words alone can’t even begin to describe the firework show (or extravaganza as i like to think of it), you absolutely have to see it! here’s your personal 11-minute sneak peak of the disneyland halloween screams firework show. (and if you want to catch the real thing, all you have to do is head on out to disneyland before november 1st & trust me, you don’t want to miss it!)

11-minutes a bit too long? not a problem.  here’s disneyland’s much better produced & less shake-y hand-ish  30-second version…


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