have you met my friend?

by @according2kelly on January 19, 2010

okay, this is probably random, but i just had to share. sure, it might be the bar keepers friend, but the stuff is seriously my BEST friend. to be honest, i don’t know who first introduced me to bar keepers friend, although i’m going to credit my mom – she’s pretty much all-knowing. if you haven’t had the good fortune of meeting bar keepers friend yet, don’t be afraid to introduce yourself, you’ll be thanking me, i swear! the stuff is amazing. although it sounds like some super duper, top secret, cocktail hour ingredient, it’s anything but. it’s more like a super duper, top secret, cleaning machine. it works on pretty much anything & everything… porcelain sinks, bathtubs, tile walls, countertops, cooktops, cookware (it’s the only way to keep my pots & pans looking shine-y & new), stainless steel, chrome, copper, brass, fiberglass, cement, ceramic tile, grout & more. (i’ve even used it on a painted wood surface to remove permanent marker!) really & truly, the stuff is amazing! & to think it only costs about $3 and can be found at most major retail, grocery and drug stores. although i’m sure it is a “bar keepers friend,” it’s definitely a mother’s best friend.

Kristen P.
Kristen P.

It kicks the crap out of rust, too. I use it at work on this steel shelf we have. We have bleach and other liquid cleaners which rust up steel. So my boss brought it in to see if it worked, and boy did it work xD So, if ever you have rust problems, use that!

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