menu monday mania: week 2

by @according2kelly on January 11, 2010

one week down. how’s everyone doing? still keeping those resolutions? still feeling good about the new year? school starts this week. the decorations are all down. i guess it’s true, the holidays really are over.

so are you ready for this week’s menu? my shopping list is complete, the meals are planned. i’m crossing my fingers that my family will be eating a home-cooked meal nearly every night this week. & any leftovers will head to work with my hubby, for lunch.

just like last week, i’m encouraging YOU to share your menu plans with me, i definitely need all the ideas i can get. so leave a comment with your menu plan, or, even better, post your menus on your own blog & just leave a link here. &, without further ado, here is week two of menu monday mania

* monday: zesty crockpot chicken
* tuesday: taco soup
* wednesday: home made pizza (thanks to everyone for all the fabulous dough recipes. i’m definitely trying each & every one of them out. i am, however, still looking for a homemade recipe for sauce… anyone? anyone?)
* thursday: hash
* friday: chicken pizza packets

wahoo! i kinda impressed with myself (obviously, it doesn’t take much). 5 more meals, planned. although, you may or may not have noticed, i don’t have any “sides” listed. to be honest, i haven’t quite worked up to that yet. picking & planning side dishes is just as hard, as planning the meals themselves. & remember, i’m baby stepping here. planning the meals, is a HUGE accomplishment. i’m hoping to work up to side dishes in a month or so. in the meantime,  how do YOU handle side dishes? do you have a side or even possibly multiple sides with every dinner? do you match the “sides” to your meal, or do you have several “sides” that you just rotate through? do you do “sides” & a salad, or just a “side” or just a salad?

looking forward to once again checking out your meal plans…. don’t let me down. remember my family needs to eat, & i need ideas.


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