menu monday mania: week 4

by @according2kelly on January 25, 2010

outside it’s been cold, wet & very very rainy. i know, not exactly that big a deal. but when you live in southern california, it is a HUGE deal. really & truly, we are not equipped for this kind of inclement weather. & just to prove that point, i now have a pool in my backyard, where there wasn’t one before. currently, the sun is shining & the skies are blue (hallelujah!). but, they are forecasting even more rain to come. so, this week’s menu is made up almost entirely of comfort food… hopefully a hot & tasty meal will be the perfect cure for all our weather woes. if anything, making the noodles for our soup will keep the boys busy for at least one afternoon.

monday: chicken & rice
tuesday: home made chicken noodle soup
wednesday: home made pizza
thursday: chicken enchildas
friday: baked tortellini

as always….. what are you having for dinner this week?


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