menu monday mania: week 6

by @according2kelly on February 8, 2010

oh heavens. this week has been busy, exciting, even overwhelming at times – but more on that later. it’s time to get down to business. the meal planning business that is. this week is going to be easy for me because i’m going on vacation! woot! woot! after tonight, someone other than me will be responsible for each & everyone of our meals. so while i don’t have any exciting menu ideas to share – that doesn’t mean i don’t want to hear yours, because i do! i still have to come home & make dinner all next week, which i’m already not looking forward to.

* monday: pizza (i think i’ve found the sauce, will share later)
* tuesday: maybe tacos?
* wednesday:
enchiladas perhaps?
* thursday: cheesy quesadillas?
* friday: big fat burritos?

p.s. if you haven’t sent me your recipes for the great soup exchange, better do it soon. time is almost up!


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