it’s a bike. it’s a stroller. it’s a taga.

by @according2kelly on March 17, 2010

christmas is long gone & my birthday isn’t for months, but i’m currently lusting after THIS piece of fierce machinery. it’s part bike, part stroller, part wagon, part grocery cart, part trike, part people mover… & i’m looking for any excuse to park it in my garage. i’m already imagining the possibilities – trips to the grocery store, dropping the kids off at school, biking down the hungtington beach boardwalk, & “wheeling” around the neighborhood in general.

what amazes me most about this bike/stroller/wagon/grocery cart/trike/people mover is all the options! seriously, it really & truly is amazing… you can make it a double (which is perfect for ME… i can strap charlie & owen in, while gavin rides his own bike), there’s a car seat attachment, a shopping basket, or even this crazy covered wagon type of wooden double seat. plus, did i mention that you can convert the BIKE to a STROLLER in about 20 seconds FLAT?! hello, A-MAZING!

i know, i know, by now you are thinking THIS is way too good to be true. but honestly, i’ve seen it myself… all up close & in-person, & THIS is the real deal. in fact, i’ve even taken it for a spin – & i’m here to tell you, that it is one amazing ride. of course, i was wheeling it around a hotel ballroom (i still can’t believe i rode a bike/stroller/wagon/grocery cart/trike/people mover around the ritz carlton! but seriously, don’t we look good together? this bike/stroller/wagon/grocery cart/trike/people mover definitely “suits” me!), but even with another adult in the “child’s seat,” it pedaled like a dream. (it probably has something to do with that “shimano nexus inter-3 internal gear hub” it’s sporting. THIS definitely isn’t your typical “beach cruiser.”) it probably also helps that it’s european. dutch to be exact. & the way i see, almost everything is better when it comes from across the atlantic.

so, i have to admit – i’ve already cleared out a space in my garage, to park my new taga… sure, you might think i’m being a little overly optimistic. but, the way i see it, if i put enough positive vibes out there, then the universe, my fairy godmother, or maybe my extremely loving hubby will ensure that one arrives on my doorstop – with or without a big red bow. however, until then, i’ll be saving my pennies. because with a price tag of $1495, it is definitely something i’ll have to budget for. although, when you think about it – buying a nice double stroller (like my personal favorite, phil & teds’ dash), a bike & a bike trailer, makes $1495 seem like a steal. do you think my hubby will buy that logic?

ps. don’t believe me that you convert the BIKE to a STROLLER (& vice versa) in 20 seconds FLAT? watch this demo… she doesn’t even break a sweat.

pps. if you’ve got an “in” with the universe, a fairy godmother, or even my hubby, will you put in a good word for me? the taga is definitely calling my name, & boy is she loud!


its really cool...


ooh, that looks so cool! I wish I wasn't movie out of the city, that would have been so useful if I were still having to walk kids to school .-= Casey´s last blog ..the movie =-.


So cool! I love a multi-use product. Who is that you are pushing in the stroller? She looks so familiar.

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