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by @according2kelly on July 30, 2010

welcome to our holiday-inspired “bake, craft & sew along.” we will be baking, sewing & crafting up a storm, preparing handmade gifts for this holiday season. dust off your sewing machine, & head on over to skip to my lou for some fabulous sewing projects. a southern fairytale is spotlighting lots of edible yummies & holiday-inspired recipes you definitely don’t want to miss. & to check out ALL of our crafty & creative projects go HERE.

today, our featured blogger is none other than the always-amazing cassi of the crafty crow – the original children’s craft collective & the always-inspiring bella dia. cassi writes…

Fingerprint Pendant Tutorial 14 fingerprint pendant

You probably have a handprint of your little
one recorded in plaster somewhere but it’s not
exactly something that you can carry with you.
With this fingerprint pendant, you can create a
precious keepsake as well as a one-of-a-kind
piece of jewelry!

*click on pictures to enlarge*
1 fingerprint pendant
white polymer clay*
32″ waxed string or your preference**
round wood toothpick or skewer
smooth round-bodied pen
trimmed plastic lid
wax paper to work on
2 fingerprint pendant
1: roll a small ball of clay (about a ½” in diameter)
3 fingerprint pendant
2: use your round pen as a rolling pin and gently
roll the ball to ¼” in both directions
4 fingerprint pendant
3: using your “rolling pen” create an oval shape
5 fingerprint pendant
4: shape the upper portion of your pendant as
seen above – I use my pinkie fingers
6 fingerprint pendant
5: use the wood skewer to make a hole for
stringing; roll the skewer between your fingers
at the same time as you rotate it around the
hole to get it nice and smooth
7 fingerprint pendant
6: take your child’s finger and press down into
the clay to make a nice clean print
8 fingerprint pendant
7: once your happy with the print it’s
ready for baking
9 fingerprint pendant
8: use your plastic disc to transfer the pendant
to your baking sheet; follow the directions for
your clay; for mine, I
bake it in a 275˚ oven
for 15 minutes
10 fingerprint pendant
11 fingerprint pendant
9: after the pendant has cooled you can string it;
fold your string in half and put the loop through the
hole from the front to the back then pull the two
loose ends through the loop and knot the loose ends

If you would like to add a sealer then do
that before stringing. Make sure you use a
light coat or the fine print lines will be lost.

(This pendant is different from the one pictured in the
previoussteps and is not my preferred oval shape.)

12 fingerprint pendant
10: All done and ready to wear!

These little pendants are great as ornaments too!

*I experimented with several kinds of
polymer clay and found that Original Sculpey
and Craft Smart (from Michael’s) worked the
best to get a detailed fingerprint. Also, they
are a bit softer so you don’t have to mash
your child’s finger for the sake of art.

**You can use any type of “string” that you
would like. Satiny rat tail will give it a dressier
look. I like being able to slip the necklace
over my head but if you want it shorter
you’ll have to add a clasp to the ends.

for more great ideas visit cassi at the crafty crow. she’s got more ideas than you could every imagine, including pages & pages of crafts dedicated to christmas & gifts. be sure to check out her HUGE list of free gift tag printables, as well as her DIY book of vintage sewing cards & paper dolls & vintage vertical stripe crocheted blanket pattern.

about cassi: I’m a single mom to the three best kids in the world and we live in the mountains of central Idaho. Our daily life revolves around homeschooling and taking care of our many animals.  Although I’ve been crafting most of my life I began blogging about it in the fall of 2004.  Everyday I feel fortunate to be a part of this generous and supportive crafting community.

baking, crafting & sewing along at home? don’t forget to play show & tell… upload your photos to our flickr group HERE. follow along with all of our featured bakers, crafters & sewers on twitter HERE, & tweet about the holiday-ispired “bake, craft & sew along” using the hashtag #handmadeholiday.

Mama Chris
Mama Chris

Do you think the polymer clay would hold up as key chain fobs?


I love this idea.  I wish I had one of these from each of my children when they were young.  I suppose I will have to wait a few years and make them representing my future grandchildren.  Until then, this is a great idea for preschool teachers to use when considering which Mother's Day crafts to use for Mother's Day gifts.  I think I'll do this with my preschool class.  Thanks for sharing this great idea! 

annie mae
annie mae

Those huge floods in Australia are definitely quite daunting, my buddie lives in australia, I'm hoping she is ok :)


I love this. I babysit 2 of my grandkids and I think this would be a great craft for them to make their Mom for Christmas.


I just love your blog. I just came across it today and I think it's fantastic. I love all the crafty projects, and I can't wait to dive into the archives (although with two children interrupting me it might take a little while!)


What a nice idea for a treasured memento! This would make terrific gifts for the grandmas. I like the notion of using them as ornaments too. This is the type that could be put on either a Christmas or an Easter Egg Tree and look fabulous on both!


i like this! so cute. :]


I like that! How cool! My baby is 17. I think I would need a bigger disk. ~grins~


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