my once upon a time…

by @according2kelly on August 11, 2010

once upon a time, in a land so very far away… a girl met a boy. the setting was picturesque, a quaint little ski village nestled away in the mountains.

as the fates would have it, late one afternoon we find both the boy and girl – alone, in this magical winter wonderland. & as if destined to meet, together they rode the last chair lift of the day, to the top of the mountain. just as their journey began, the snow softly started to fall, each little snowflake glistening like diamonds. with the sun was slowly setting, casting a beautiful, soft candle lite glow. and, just like in the fairy-tales… it was love-at-first-sight. by the end of that momentous chair life ride, they had fallen madly in love, each knowing that they had finally met “the one”.

okay, so maybe that really isn’t exactly how it happened. but we did meet at sundance, & for one of the parties involved there may, or may not, have been aslight inkling of love-at-first sight, although it may have taken the other party a couple of months to notice (let’s just say that i am definitely a blonde, & often times can be a bit oblivious. i thought we were just friends). & it definitely was fate, because honestly, i’m really not that good of a snowboarder, & to think that someone actually hired little ‘ole me to instruct others in the art of snowboarding? yes! no question about it, it was definitely fate. but, nine years after pledging our eternal love to one another, we are still just as happy, & more in love than ever.

as they say “life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” and together, jeffy & i have had plenty of take your breath away type of moments: we’ve feed the sharks in bora bora, rocked out at more concerts than i can count, survived the wilds of australia. had two wild & crazy boys, a baby girl (with a boys name) & a pup named gigi. sailed the spanish coast. remodeled our entire house – ourselves. got literally lost in italy (to this day, i’m still amazed we aren’t still lost wandering around the italian countryside). went to the winter olympics. surfed in hawaii. cheered for the angels more times than i can count. snowboarded beneath the shadows of the matterhorn (the real one, not the one at disneyland). made it out of canada alive. practically lived at disneyland – we’ve been so many times. lived like the flintstones in turkey. kissed with the eiffel tower looming overhead. graduated law school. passed the bar exam. kissed the blarney stone. finished my MBA program. scootered around greece. attended the tour de france, ran a marathon, survived postpartum depression, competed in several triathlons (jeffy has even completed 1/2 ironman), gotten down & dirty,  & to many other adventures to name.

what’s even more amazing? as of today, it’s only been nine long short years. we’ve still got the rest of our lives ahead of us. i’m not saying our life together has been “practically perfect in every way.” we’ve definitely had our share of ups & downs. but if we’ve made it this far, i know we can weather every & any storm. i can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us. i’m definitely looking forward to continuing to live… happily ever after.


Aww...great post. Happy anniversary you two! Holy cow, I cant believe how much you two have done together. I hope to at least be able to do a fraction of that in my lifetime :)


thanks for the comment!

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