southern california ragnar relay

by @according2kelly on August 27, 2010

seriously, who in their right mind would pass up running with 11 of their closest friends (or in my case, complete strangers), on a 200 mile adventure, running all day & literally all night? “beach bunnies. movie premiers… starting in beautiful ventura, the party in your van will only get better as you leap frog your way down the beautiful pacific coast. you’ll see stars as you run through hollywood and feel the ocean-spray as you fly past the “south-swells” of huntington beach. the race (and your stamina) will wrap up where the spectacular bluffs meet the crashing waves of dana point.”

with a total of 36 legs of the race, that meant everyone would run 3 different times. personally, i was responsible for legs 10, 22 & 34 (a total mileage of about 17-ish miles) of the southern california ragnar relay

leg 10 was a 5.5 mile run through the hills of agoura. i felt fast, passing lots of runners along the way, finishing in 45 minutes & 50 seconds (running about 8:20/ mile). after getting as much sleep as one possibly can, sharing a suburban with nearly 6 other sweaty, smelly runners, underneath the starry skies & bright lights of the santa monica pier, it was time to hit the pavement once again.

leg 22 was supposed to be a quick 3 mile jaunt, or foot tour rather, through the heart of torrance, at about 4 in the morning. my hip (which i had injured the week before), was becoming more & more painfully obvious, however i still managed to pass 3 other runners as i finished the 3 miles in 26 minutes & 15 seconds (running about 8:42/mile). after an early morning nap, on the sand in huntington beach, it was time to load up & move out.

leg 34, my final responsibility was an 8.8 mile run…  uphill, running into the wind, up & through laguna canyon (i know, i know, it sounds like one of those “i walked uphill, both ways” stories, but trust me – this is all true). this run nearly killed me, literally. by now, my hip wasn’t just hurting, it was throbbing, & i was walking and running with a very noticeable limp. runners i had passed in previous legs were zooming past me. with less than a mile to my “finish,” i started to realize that it was very unlikely that i would even be able to finish, unless it was on a stretcher. luckily, my team came to my rescue. one runner took my baton, while the others practically carried me to car.

200 miles, in just 2 days? you can only imagine what we experienced… little to no sleep, lots of bengay and white chocolate macadamia clif bars, cramped & tired muscles, breathtaking views, costumes galore, lots of questions about my team sparkle skirt & kt tape, not to mention stories & experiences that will last a life time. definitely something i’d do again, in a heartbeat.


All I can say is wow. I've in no way checked out it like this, but I appreicate you posting it. I'll proceed to be a daily reader of the blog.


hey.. that's awesome. I've actually wanted to do the Ragnar Relay but have NO FRIENDS who would do it with me.. so.. if next year you decide to do it..let me know.. I'll totally help fill your team!!


Wow, that is an amazing relay to be a part of. I admire those who can run and run and run.


You rock! I've always wanted to fo a Ragnar Relay! (ok "always" isn't exactly correct--since I started running seriously, how about that?)

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