the great menu exchange

by @according2kelly on September 9, 2010

i’ve said it before & i’ll say it again… as much as i wish there was a dinner saving superhero, i’ve done the research – & let’s just say he doesn’t exist. praying to the dinner gods & making a wish for a dinner menu to magically appear doesn’t work either. so, i’ve finally concluded that it’s time i buck up, put in the time & effort and develop a dinner menu. because we all know… deciding what to make for dinner is much more difficult than actually whipping up a meal.

but let’s be honest. whipping up one (or even two, or three) weeks of menu plans is easy. but once you’ve run out of your favorite, go-to, tried & true meals, menu planning starts getting a bit more difficult. but… what if everyone developed a menu plan, composed of their favorite, go-to, tried & true recipes? and then (hold onto your horses, this is where my plan gets really good), what if we all swapped said menu plans? a menu exchange of sorts?

so here’s the plan… after the huge success of our virtual soup exchange, i figure – let’s take it one step farther, let’s go all the way… let’s exchange ENTIRE menus. just imagine, a collection of weekly dinner menus, made up entirely of people’s absolutely favorite recipes?! never again, will you be scared to hear the words “what’s for dinner?”

ready for the details? your participation is simple, totally easy & practically pain-free…

step one: develop one (or more) week’s worth of dinner menus comprising of your family’s favorite, go-to, tried & true recipes.
step two: link up your menus below
step three: keep an eye out for a download-able cook, coming soon, for all to enjoy

so, without further ado, let me get this party started… here are three weeks worth of dinner menus, consisting solely of my family’s absolute favorite, go-to, tried & true meals. let me tell you, meal planning is so much easier when you limit the menu items to just your favorites.

week one
m: bbq chicken pasta, serve with crusty bread
t: rootbeer bbq beef sandwiches, serve with coleslaw & potato salad
w: taco soup, serve with chips, guacamole & lots of fixings
th: chickety china the chinese chicken, serve with endamame beans & fried rice on the side
f: honey mustard chicken, serve with steamed veggies & rice
s: creamy mushroom turkey, serve with mashed potatoes

week two
s: taco salad, serve with chips & guacamole
m: chicken enchiladas, serve with spanish rice, black bean & corn salsa & chips
t: creamy chicken roll-ups, serve with rolls & fruit salad
w: baked tortellini, served with crusty bread & a green salad
th: chicken poppyseed casserole, serve over rice or pasta with steamed veggies on the side
f: zesty crockpot chicken, serve with crusty bread & a green salad
s: meatball hero sandwiches, serve with a green salad
s: homemade cafe rio sweet pork salad, black beans & cilantro rice

week three
m: chicken tortellini soup serve with crusty italian bread
t: sizzling country ribs, serve with fruit salad & cheese bread
w: chicken curry, serve over rice & with flat bread (naan preferably)
th: chicken pizza packets, serve with crusty bread
f: chicken & rice
s: tortilla soup, serve with chips, guacamole & lots of “garnishes” on the side
s: crock pot chicken salsa tacos, serve with chips, guacamole & lots of taco fixings

run along now, there’s still time to play. let’s start exchanging menus below.


Thank you for doing all the work for putting together my menu planning!


Hi Kelly! I was just wondering if you have a code/button for the recipe exchange so that I can post it on my blog! I think this is a fab idea and would love to share it with my readers. So glad I was able to link up my recipes :)


this should work:


Thank you so much for coming up with this idea!! Just in this week alone I was able to make 2 different dinners that my family really enjoyed. Not to mention the nudge I needed to get back into the routine of planning our meals again. :)


so fun! i'm saving this page for sure! thanks for all of the recipes!


I am bookmarking this page. Thanks!


Thanks, Kel. This is exactly what I need in my life right now- two weeks of meal ideas! I'm making BBQ pasta tonight. Let me know if you have any recipes for a thousand baby tomatoes. They're coming off the vine quick now & our little mouths can't keep up! Thanks again! Heed

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