we’re all in this together

by @according2kelly on September 17, 2010

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everyone is special in their own way
we make each other strong (we make each other strong)
were not the same
were different in a good way
together’s where we belong

we’re all in this together
once we know
that we are
we’re all stars
and we see that
we’re all in this together
and it shows
when we stand
hand in hand
make our dreams come true

these might be song lyrics from a cheesy disney movie, but there’s a definite ring of truth about them… you & i? we aren’t the same. we are all very, very different, each in our own ways. but together, we can (& do), make each other strong. imagine a single place online, where people from all over (but mostly from southern california), can come together in an online community, to discuss, explore, inform, educate & support one another, all while building relationships with other local southern californ-ians. (even if you aren’t a “local,” i promise we won’t run you out of town. because really & truly, this is a community that every parent should be apart of.)

sounds pretty fabulous huh? well guess what, this amazing community actually exists! yep! it’s real, & i’m excited to be apart of it’s launch… the SoCal Connection Community, provided by the amazing powerhouse duo, screamin daily deals (the online community of power savers) & blogfrog (powering the largest network of mom blogs & niche communities). what i love most about the SoCal Connection Community? although there are some incredible local bloggers acting as “community leaders,” starting discussions & getting the ball rolling (heather of the spohrs are multiplying, sugar of sugar in the raw, julie of angry julie monday, jim of busy dad, maegan of lovemaegan, megan of screamin daily deals, & little ‘ole me), for the most part, the community is for you, about you & powered by you!

so, if you haven’t already, head on over to the SoCal Connection Community… make yourself comfortable & take a look around. once you’ve checked it out, i know you are going to like what you see (& read), so be sure to join our sure-to-be-fabulous-community. don’t forget the most important part though – interact! that is the name of the game, after all! it’s not much of community if there isn’t any discussion. so, jump on in… participate in an on-going discussion, or if you’re feeling brave (or just have a question you’ve been dying to ask someone), start a new discussion. rumor has it, you could even win an ipad just for playing along.

what? you’re still here? seriously! by now you should have already headed over to the SoCal Connection Community… it’s time to get this party started, it’s time to realize that “we’re all in this together.”

just thought you should know, i am being compensated as a “community leader.” however, i would have happily agreed to be a “community leader” whether or not they had offered any compensation. (shhhh! Don’t tell anyone I said that.) all in all, i really & truly believe in this community. it’s a resource i’m excited to have available & thrilled to be apart of. at the end of the day, the opinions represented here are 100% mine, & were not influenced in any way… it is my personal belief that the SoCal Connection Community is going to become a must-read for today’s families.


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