pumpkin pie alternatives

by @according2kelly on November 23, 2010


it’s almost thanksgiving, & i’m the first to admit – i’m already hungry. but, i do have a little secret to share. i don’t like pumpkin pie.  never have, probably never will. what can i say? i’m a freak. never fear – i’ve been searching high & low for some fabulous pumpkin pie alternatives. trust me, each & every one of these recipes are full of pumpkin-y goodness. & they are all so tasty, you just might consider forgoing the pumpkin pie this year too.

1. baked pumpkin doughnuts

2. chocolate chip pumpkin loaf

3. cream cheese & butterscotch pumpkin pies with gingersnap streusel topping

4. pumpkin bread pudding

5. pumpkin cake with spiced cream cheese frosting

6. pumpkin cobbler

7. pumpkin & cream cheese whoopie pies

8. pumpkin cream pie

9. pumpkin dump cake

10. pumpkin gingerbread rrifle

11. pumpkin gooey butter cakes

12. pumpkin sugar cookie bars

the only question now… which one to make first!

Sheila Shapley
Sheila Shapley

I love pumpkin gooey butter cakes thinking about making one but I just made a pumpkin roll.


Not a big pumpkin pie fan, but we LOVE pumpkin chocolate chip cookies!!! Thanks for compiling this list of yummy goodies ;)


Love it! I don't like (actually hate) pumpkin pie as well. Thanks for including the cake recipe- it's a winner. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

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