new year’s resolute-nots

by @according2kelly on January 3, 2011

new year's resolutionshave you noticed? it’s a new year. twenty eleven. wow! i think i have to say that one again – twenty eleven. last year i started a new tradition… new year’s resolutions have never exactly been my strong suit.  quite frankly, they’re hard to write, & bound to be disappointing. & let’s be honest, i don’t think i’m ready for any disappointment quite yet. i’d like to think that twenty eleven is a year of opportunity. so instead of making a list of things i’m going to do, that deep-inside i know i probably won’t, i’m making a list of things that i will not do in 2011, in no particular order.

* i will not pretend i’m super mom.
* i will not stop crafting.
* i will not stop saying hell & damn, but i can promise you – that’s the worst of it.
* i will not cut my own bangs.
* i will not stop telling people my mom & sister are my best friends.
* i will not stop loving the target $1 aisle.
* i will not let anything stand in the way of my happiness.
* i will not stop blogging, although i won’t promise that it will be daily.
* i will not maintain my eyebrows on my own.
* i will not stop wishing i could wear my team sparkle skirt daily.
* i will not use my husband’s razor to shave my legs.
* i will not stop loving mocha almond fudge & mint ‘n chip ice cream
* i will not stop trying to teach my children to be kind.
* i will not stop wishing i had a maid & a cook.
* i will not be afraid to get dirty.
* i will not stop going to disneyland weekly.
* i will not stop wishing all my friends lived next door.
* i will not stop loving my dr. pepper chap stick
* i will not forget the truths about motherhood.
* i will not stop traveling. (even if i never travel past utah, at least i’m traveling.)
* i will not let life get me down.
* i will not stop {loving} the oc.
* i will not let having children, stop me from snowboarding.
* i will not stop watching general hospital.
* i will not become a professional karaoke-er.
* i will not leave the toilet seat up.
* i will not stop my virtual friends from becoming real life friends.
* i will not be afraid of being real.
* i will not stop reading.
* i will not stop eating cupcakes.
* i will not stop wishing i could sleep more.
* i will not stop running, biking, swimming,or exercising in general.
* i will not be afraid to be me.
* i will not stop making spontaneous purchases.
* i will not stop ohhhing & ahhhing over my little girl.
* i will not stop eating cookies for breakfast.
* i will not stop trying to break my addiction.

so what will you not do in 2011?


Love it! Keep up the good work--you are an inspiration!


I love this take on New Year's resolutions. I think "resolute-nots" are definitely the way to go! (Found your blog thanks to Vanessa over at the feature!)


I will not compare myself to other moms. Love the list!


I love this Kelly! I might just have to borrow this idea!


Thanks for such and inspiring post. I had to take the time to sit down and write my own resolute-nots!! Love some of yours!!


I'm totally taking your cue for my resolution post. Right. Now.

Abby latiner
Abby latiner

Love this idea. Had no idea you watch gh too. I don't ever miss a day!


Fabulous...great take on resolutions...Hope all of your dreams come true in 2011 xOxO

Cupcake Activist
Cupcake Activist

I will not stop talking about my dog like she's my kid. **I will not stop eating cupcakes!!

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