snowmama – i am.

by @according2kelly on March 3, 2011

i am a mother, i am a snowboarder, i am a SNOWMAMA.


to be totally & completely honest, my “happily ever after,”  the person i am & all that i have – is a direct result of my love affair with the mountain. my hubby & i met on the snow. we fell in love on the snow, & we are already passing this love affair onto the next generation.both of my boys had snowboards strapped to their feet, literally from the moment they could walk. although, these days you’ll find them whipping down the mountain, hitting the bumps, dodging the tress & searching for powder on two skis.

ski school at park city mountain resortliterally, every chance we get, we pack our bags, hop on a plane and hit the slopes. rumor has it there is snow to be found in california… but really & truly, utah really does have the “best snow on earth.”

powder at park city mountain resorti have to say, there is something absolutely-totally-and-completely-magical about spending time as a family on the snow. i honestly wish i could click my heels & be there again. what’s not to love? blue skies, powder turns & all the hot chocolate you can drink? sounds like heaven on earth, if you ask me. not to mention all the one-on-one, uninterrupted time i got to spend with my hubby.

wear a helmet while snowboarding

& have i mentioned the view? when you are on “top of the world” you literally are surrounded by ” skies of blue, clouds of white. bright blessed days, dark sacred nights. & i think to myself… what a wonderful world.”

bluebird day at park city mountain resortand just in case you were wondering… this snowmama rides park city.

I ride park city

disclaimer: while i personally have always considered myself a snowmama, i now officially (& proudly) wear the snowmama title courtesy of park city mountain resort. make now mistake though…. while i have received several “snowmama” perks, my personal love affair with the park city mountain resort begun long before i had even met my husband. park city mountain resort literally is my heaven on earth, & always will be.


Allison Beasley
Allison Beasley

Those pictures look amazing but I am sooo ready for the spring and warmer weather! :)

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