long beach half marathon

by @according2kelly on March 10, 2011

the long beach half marathon is definitely flat, fast & fun to run. & probably one of my favorite races i’ve ever done. & of course, i had to wear my signature turquoise team sparkle skirt – it just wouldn’t be the same without it.

according2kelly runs Long Beach half marathon13.1 miles – 1h:58m:30s

surrounded by marathonershalf marathoners, running through Long Beach, along the coastline & beach (very reminiscent of the surf city marathon), not to mention that there over sixty team sparkle skirts running the long beach marathon1/2… how can you go wrong?

but honestly, the real reason it’s probably one of my favorite races (other than my actual marathon)?  because my “training,” lasted only two weeks, the furthest i ran before the race was just 6 miles – and yet i still set a personal record (PR)… running 13.1 miles in 1 hour, 58 minutes & 30 seconds. 

long beach half marathon by the numbers:

* 1681st place overall out of 9836 (about 17% of people finished ahead of me, 8152 people finished behind me)
* 521st place out of 5929 women (about 9% of women finished ahead of me. 5405 women finished behind)
* 101st place out of 981 women ages 30-34 (about 10% of women finished ahead of me. 882 women finished behind)
* my 10K split time was 54:16, with a 8:44 pace
* my average mile time was 9 min & 2 sec
* my average K time was 5 min & 37 sec

ready to re-live the entire long beach half marathon & team sparkle experience with me? remember… it’s all about the blood, sweat, & SPARKLE.


Look how cute you are!! Ok, so I really am in awe of all you do. I've always been very active...but running just was never my cup of tea. I've lately stepped it up a bit on the treadmill, running about 2 miles each time, but I wanna be as active as you! Go Team Sparkle!


Great Job Kelly with the PR and you look so cute in the sparkle skirt!

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