last minute european adventure {bikes of amsterdam}

by @according2kelly on April 22, 2011

one thing i can say for surety… amsterdammers (or rather the dutch & netherlanders in general) love, Love, LOVE their bikes. they even go so far as (loudly) declaring this love on billboards scattered throughout the city.

amsterdam loves bikes

their roads have entire lanes devoted strictly to bikes. but, when a country is as flat as holland, & a city as small as amsterdam, it truly is feasible to bike everywhere.

men (dressed in suits) ride bikes. ladies (wearing heels) ride bikes. kids ride (on & in) bikes.

literally everyone rides bikes, & they really are everywhere… definitely my kind of city.

holland bikes

& if the huge billboards weren’t enough to convince you of their love for bikes… the dutch tiles may do the trick.

as you can see, bikes rank right up there with a few of holland’s favorite things: tulips, cows, wooden shoes & windmills.

but even more amazing than the sheer number of bikes, was the personality that so many of the bikes possessed.

there were bikes with built-in head lamps. & bikes with baskets for carrying groceries &  children.

there were colorful bikes. bikes that resembled works of art. & bikes that could be folded up & collapsed into handy-dandy carry ons.

i really loved seeing the amsterdammers take the words of albert einstein to heart…

“life is like riding a bicycle – in order to keep your balance, you must keep moving.”


Here is another one: life is like bicycle, if it's too easy - it means you are going downhill.


So nice to read your story of our little country :) I think everybody in Holland ownes at least 1 bike, sometimes more :) enjoy the rest of your trip :D


You suck! Lucky dog. Hope you're having a blast!!!

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