last minute european adventure {ireland}

by @according2kelly on April 19, 2011

a little over two weeks ago the phone rang.

my mom was on the line. “so…….” she said.

“i’m planning a trip. i’m going to ireland, holland, belgium & france. &, if you can find a baby sitter you can come too. no kids. no husband. girl’s only.”

& that was it. i’m sure we talked for a few more minutes. i can almost guarantee i asked several questions. but honestly, i don’t remember any of it.

my last minute european adventure had begun, just like that.

suddenly i was on the scramble to find somebody, anybody, to watch all three of my children for a week or so. with only a few weeks to plan, prepare & secure reinforcements, it often felt like i was moving heaven & earth – but wouldn’t you do that for the trip of a lifetime?

we (as in mama jo, sister kerry june, sister-in-law-to-be kristen, aunt marty & uncle dee) started the trip in portaferry, ireand. just south of belfast – a quaint little countryside fishing village.

portaferry ireland

the village & it’s surrounding area is absolutely breathtakingly stunning – surrounded by green rolling hills (as far as the eye can see), and  bushels & bushels of the wildflower borse.last minute european adventure

{me, kerry june & kristen. ready to burst into song, singing “the hills are alive”}

ireland borse

no matter which way you look you’re guaranteed a beautiful view in portaferry – espepcially in spring when the flowers & trees are in bloom.

portaferryjust a few days into our trip & we’ve already had so many adventures…

i’ve driven the windy, wee country roads from belfast to portaferry (managing to keep everyone alive), all while driving on the left side of the wee dam road, shifting with my left hand & avoiding each & every lorry that came rumbling down the road. (oy vey!) we’ve visited a castle, hiked the local wind mill, dined at a proper irish pub, & even had front row seats to a real live irish brawl. we rode the ferry to the republic of ireland (unfortunately i didn’t get another passport stamp), ate lots of fish & chips and sticky toffee pudding. but probably the most exciting (& the entire purpose of this wee little side trip)… we’ played grave hunters & detectives, as we’ve researched our family heritage.

portaferry graveyard

soon we board a plane & head on to amsterdam. i can’t wait.


How fun! Why Portaferry? Do you have family there? It seems like such an unusual place to visit in Ireland.

Eliza Jane
Eliza Jane

Wow, what an amazing last minute trip!! Good for you for getting everything organized so quickly!! Sounds like you guys are having a blast.

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