my {muddy buddy} & me

by @according2kelly on April 15, 2011

muddy buddy team sparkle

5.7 mile “tag-team” race

team sparke muddy buddy

steep climbs, knee-deep water crossing, quick sprints,
narrow tunnel passings, picturesque views, fun downhill descents,
army-style obstacles, followed by a quick bath in the mud pit….

team sparkle muddy buddy

total time: 55 minutes & 19 seconds

team sparkle muddy buddy

elise & i took home second place in our age division.

not bad for two girls wearing sparkly skirts.


I raced Muddy Buddy Richmond on May 1. I made it 100 meters into the first bike portion for me and crashed. Total AC separation of my shoulder. Kind of jealous seeing those finishing pictures. You guys look awesome!


oh no!!!! you're kidding! that is terrible - i am so sorry. hope you get to race next year!

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