surf city half marathon

by @according2kelly on May 6, 2011

last year carrie, elise & ran the surf city FULL marathon. this year however we opted to run just the half marathon – best decision we ever made.

surf city marathon course

surf city half marathon coursesurf city marathon tweets, team sparkle, kt tape, nuunsurf city half marathon essentials:
1. turquoise team sparkle skirt (my motivation)
2. kt tape (my magic pill – all my knee pain literally disappears when i wear this stuff)
3. lime flavored nuun (i love a little fizz in my drink)
4. garmin (i’d be lost without it)
5. team sparkle race legs (run hard, run pretty)
6. team sparkle tattoo (i like to wear my heart on my sleeve)
7. jolly ranchers (my energy source)
8. newton running shoes (run better)

surf city marathon bib

(opps! i didn’t expect a race with 15,000+ runners to sell out, but it did. so i had to put my faith in a complete stranger & buy my bib on craigslist.)

surf city marathon finish

pr at surg city half marathontotal time: 1 hour, 58 minutes & 27 seconds. a new PR by 3 seconds.

team sparkle finishes surf city half marathon

team sparkle runs surf city

surf city half marathon by the numbers:

* 3179 out of an overall of 13,301 half marathoners
* 1229 out of 8386 women
* 232 out of 1342 women in my age group
* total time 1:58:27, with a pace of 9:03 minutes per mile
* 3 mile split time 26:35, with a pace of 8:52 minutes per mile
* 8.2 mile split time 1:12:39, with a pace of 8:52 per mile


What a great finish time for the 1/2 marathon! I never thought to look on craigslist for a bib #. Way to go.


I love your race recaps and all your pretty pictures! Good job on a nice little PR too :)


kt tape- as a therapist i use it alot! didnt know there was a green one! thanks for sharing !wish i could run like that!


thanks! I have (high) hopes to get under 1:50 some day! & craiglist is a great place for bibs when a race is sold out! i was a wee bit nervous, but it all worked out!


i LOVE kt tape in a big pink puffy heart kind of way. Wouldn't be able to live without the stuff!

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