barbecuing pizza {bbq chicken pizza recipe}

by @according2kelly on June 14, 2011

these days were are barbecuing pizza making fools. although, to be honest, we don’t make it nearly as often as i (or the kids) would like. i’d be happy to eat bbq pizza (yes! pizza that has literally been barbecued!) every single day. it’s quick, easy & it’s on the barbecue – what’s not to love? (i love cooking dinner on the grill.) ever wondered how to bbq a pizza? here are some instructions & my favorite bbq chicken pizza recipe.

how to bbq a pizza

barbecuing pizza:

bbq chicken pizza recipe

dough (store bought pizza dough or homemade dough)
kosher salt
olive oil
your favorite bbq sauce
grilled corn
red onion, sliced & grilled
cooked chicken cut in chunks or shredded
fontina cheese (put back that mozzarella, we’re living on the edge today)
fresh cilantro

want to make it extra special? also add:
grilled green & yellow bell peppers

instructions are fairly easy…

1. preheat your grill to a medium heat.
2. roll out your pizza dough on a surface, baking sheet, plate or pizza peel pizza that has been heavily dusted with flour or cornmeal, so it doesn’t stick. no need to worry about the shape so much, as the thickness… you want it about 1/2 – 3/4″ thick.
3. brush one side of your pizza dough with olive oil & sprinkle with kosher salt. then, place the now oiled side of your pizza down on the grill. once the dough is on the grill, brush this side of the pizza dough with olive oil & sprinkle with kosher salt. & close the cover on your grill. cook approximately 4 or 5 minutes, until the pizza doughs puffs & bubbles – much like a pancake does. but, try not to open the bbq too many times – because you’ll let the steam & excape!
4. using tongs or spatula, remove pizza from the bbq & flip the pizza (so the grilled side is now up) onto a large plate, tray or pan, & add your toppings. spread the bbq sauce, sprinkle the grilled corn & red onion, chunks of chicken (& if you are an over achiever you can also add grilled yellow & green bell peppers and tomatoes), & top with the secret ingredient… shredded fontina cheese. & fresh cilantro.
5. slide your pizza back onto the bbq. (the previously “bubbly” side should now be down.) cover the toppings with tin foil until the cheese is melted & once again close the lid on the bbq, cooking the pizza for approximately 4-5 minutes, or until the cheese is melted.
6. devour your pizza quick & quick can be.

hope you & your family enjoy barbecuing pizza as much as we do.


We made this tonight! So awesome! Thank you!


Mmmm! I am not a fan of pizza, but BBQ pizza is my one exception!!!


you will love this recipe. I'm telling you... it's all in the cheese!

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