corn and bean salsa recipe

by @according2kelly on June 21, 2011

i’m not lying when i say i could literally live on this stuff. & once you’ve tried my corn & bean salsa recipe you too will be singing it’s praises from the roof tops. what’s not to love? it’s probably one of the easiest salsa recipes ever. who knew such simple ingredients (corn, black beans, & cilantro) could create an amazing concoction, that i actually go weak in the knees for it?!

black bean and corn salsa recipecorn and bean salsa recipe

1 can of black beans drained
16 oz. of corn (canned, frozen, fresh, or even grilled)
1 green pepper, chopped
1 red pepper, chopped
1 cucumber (as much as you want, i used the whole thing), peeled & chopped
fresh cilantro (as much as you want), chopped
* 1 avocdao (i only use the avocado if i KNOW it’s going to be devoured in one sitting)
1 small bottle of kraft zesty! italian dressing
mix it all together, cover & let it chill in the fridge for about a 1/2 hour or so.
serve with chips, as a side salad, or use it as garnish on your “entree.” really & truly, this littleĀ  dish is can be anything you want it to be. i’m warning you now – you’ll love it so much, you might as well double it.
corn and bean salsa recipe
make this corn & bean salsa recipe & bring it to a gathering… i guarantee you will be the hit of the party. people will ohhhh! & ahhhh! in delight, even licking the bowl when it’s all gone (trust me, i’ve seen it happen.) all those fresh & crunchy veggies, plus the kick of the dressing… it’s like a party in your mouth. yum-o!

Now I know exactly what to do with the abundance of sweet corn and cucumber I have right now!!! Thank you!

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