living your impossible!

by @according2kelly on July 11, 2011


i recently had the opportunity to sit in awe, & soak in the amazingly inspired words of me ra koh at the 2011 evo conference.

she asked us “if you knew fear & doubt would always be there, regardless of what you achieved…. what would you go after? what impossible would you pursue?”

as me ra koh explained “creation starts in the unknown, in the dark.” & for most of us, darkness represents the epitome of fear & darkness. she continues to say…

“every time an adventure approaches us we have fear & doubt right next to us… when we push through those fear & doubts, & embark on exploring unknown territory the reward is in that exploration.┬ábut we’re in the dark. we’re in unknown territory.

as a creative professional, we have to be okay & embrace the reality that creation starts in the unknown. it starts in the dark. how many of you feel comfortable in the dark?

if you look at how a garden works… you plant the seeds in the ground, and cover it with dirt. & then for months, you see no evidence of life. but, if we were to dig up the plants or bulbs, to see if anything is really growing, we would completely destroy the little life that is just getting started.

spend some time actually allowing yourself to spend a little time in the dark – you need that to keep coming up with creative content that is inspiring the world around you.”

we can’t let fear & doubt prevent us from living a creative life – from “living our impossible.” we have to realize (even accept) that at the very heart of the matter, fear & doubt walks hand & hand with the creative process. you can’t have one without the other.

ready to be inspired? listen to me ra koh’s awe-inspiring words for yourself, & then ask yourself: what is one action i can take that will lead to an even more creative & adventurous life? while your waiting for your answer, be sure to listen to what your creative voice has to say. it may not always make sense, but your creative voice is always looking out for you… you can always trust it.


Me Ra Koh was inspirational and empowering at evo. It was a great conference. I'm glad I was able to meet you if only briefly. I'm still digesting all that I learned. I saw a link to your blog on Travelin' Oma's. What a small world.


Great meeting you at Evo. I too was inspired by Me Ra Koh's words. I really felt like she put everything into perspective.


Thank you for reminding me that I wanted to listen to her keynote again. Also, so nice to meet you at Evo and I hope our paths cross again!


I could listen to Me Ra Koh 24/7, I kid you not. She is amazing and inspiring and beautiful all wrapped into one fabulous package.

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