hood to coast {meet after-NUUN delight}

by @according2kelly on August 25, 2011

you probably haven’t noticed, because i hide it so very well, but i’ve been a bit obsessed lately. yep! i’m totally & completely consumed with the mother of ALL relayshood to coast, & my absolutely amazing team, after-NUUN delight. after-nuun-delight-hood-to-coastit’s crazy to think that months of planning, preparations & training have all come down to this… still wondering what exactly hood to coast is? let me break it down for you:

* 12 NUUN drinking, running bloggers
* running 200 miles (from mt. hood to the oregon coast)
* 20,000+ runners
* 4,100 volunteers
* 580 honey buckets (porta potties) on course
* participants from all 50 states & 35 countries
* raising $550,000 for the american cancer society

if you can’t tell already, i’m pretty excited about racing the largest relay in the entire world. but i have to admit, i am a wee bit nervous. our team, after-NUUN delight, is predicted to finish SECOND, with an estimated time of 28 hours & 8 minutes. can you say HOLY CRAP?! (excuse my language, i’m just freaking out a bit here. those are crazy expectations).  luckily, i have a rock star team…

hood-to-coast-team-after-nuun-delightafter-NUUN delight

legs 1, 13 & 25: alanna – a two time marathoner, mother of one, from vancouver, canada.

legs 2, 14, & 26: dorothy – mother of 3 (ages 5 & under), who qualified for the boston marathon just 6 months & 2 days after having her 2nd baby & is captain of the saucony hurricane athlete team, from northern virginia.

legs 3, 15, & 27: kimberly – a division 1 collegiate swimmer turned runner, after discovering triathlons, from seattle, washington.

legs 4, 16, & 28: jocelyn – a relay veteran with 2 ragnar relays (& one marathon) under her belt, from new york city.

legs 5, 17, & 29: emily – a 20-something year old sweat-addict who is positively obsessed with running, triathlons and cupcakes from washington, dc.

legs 6, 18, & 30: lauren – a 20-something from rhode island, who started running in middle school, & hasn’t stopped since. she’s raced 5 marathons, 6 relays, and countless other races.

legs 7, 19, & 31: jen – a seattle, washington local, nuun employee who loves to run.

legs 8, 20, & 32: carrie – a sewist, a runner, and mother of four who started running almost 3 years ago & quickly fell in love with it, from orange county, ca.

legs 9, 21, & 33: mel – 6’0 TALL wife to muscle man, mother to 2 little studs, full-time career woman, marathon maniac, RRCA certified running coach and runner from bonney lake, washington.

legs 10, 22, & 34: melody – a running lover and fitness fanatic with a margarita problem, from arlington, virginia where she lives with her husband, 6 pairs of running shoes & 3 bikes.

legs 11, 23, & 35: me – cherry coke abstaining, crushed ice loving, world-traveling, bike riding,apron wearing, snowboarding, fabric obsessed, marathon training, sparkle skirt wearing, surprisingly shy triathlete, REAL orange county housewife & mama of 3, with ADD crafting tendencies & an MBA degree.

legs 12, 24, & 36: megan – a full time nanny who has had an on-again off-again relationship with running through the years, from detroit, michigan.

{after-NUUN delight} hood to coast updates

want to track my every move, vicariously run hood to coast & experience this entire adventure thru my eyes? feel free to stalk, interact & send me motivation via twitter & facebook:

as for me, for the next couple of days i’ll be “doin’ it morning, NUUN & night… running that is.”

p.s. want to try nuun for yourself? need to stock up on your favorite flavor? save 25% on all orders with the code “afternuundelight

read about the ENTIRE totally-awesome-completely-fabulous-epic hood to coast adventure.


AWESOME Kelly! I loved seeing your pics on instagram!


good luck miss kelly! you'll do great!


Wow, 2nd place! You all are fast! Have a blast at HTC!


I am so excited for you! I definatelly will keep tabs on your team. Good luck!


I watched the movie about this race last year and it seems like so much fun!!


so glad you were able to follow along. wanna run with us next year?


we had a few injuries & some other issues... so we didn't end up taking 2nd - but we were dang close, & we had more fun than any other team.


i haven't watched the movie yet... i wanted to go blind! but, the trailer makes me cry! we had an awesome time!

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