anniversary summer adventure road trip {part 1}

by @according2kelly on August 18, 2011

last week mr. jeffy & i celebrated 10 years of wedded bliss. that’s 3,650 days of happily (& the occasional un-happily) ever after… a practically perfect life (the way i see it), filled with “moments that take our breath away.”

in honor of our very own once upon a time, we packed up the car, loaded up the mountain bikes, & left the kids at home, for an anniversary summer adventure road trip.

first stop on our summer adventure road trip? las vegas of course, & the aria resort – where we had a delicious dinner of bite-sized portions at sage restaurant.

sag-ariai was a bit worried when i saw FOUR courses on the tasting menu, but i actually left the restaurant hungry.

everything was delicious… the heirloom tomatoes & cheese, the scallops with braised oxtail, wild mushrooms & salted caramel reduction, the pork loin which was served with cannelloni, baby eggplant & creminelli mortadella, followed by a crunchy chocolate and peanut butter tart (which was devoured much to quickly to have it’s picture taken) – but, the portions were teeny tiny. i guess when they called it a “tasting menu,” they weren’t lying.

following our scrumptious dinner, we had just enough time to catch the cirque du soleil stage production of  viva elvis. such a fitting show for veags, wouldn’t you say?

viva-elvislive music, amazing acrobats, live music & costumes i want to borrow – all made for an incredible evening. topped off by my husband quietly singing along to love me tender… practically a perfect evening.

although, after the show was over, i was still hungry. those high-priced, bite-sized (but amazingly delicious) portions, just weren’t enough.

luckily jeffy was prepared & steered us to holsteins shakes and buns. where they claim to create “uniquely crafted, bad-ass burgers and milkshakes,” & i have to say – i definitely agree. i had to restrain myself from literally licking my plate, filled with mini meat ball grinders & steak fries, absolutely clean. and i haven’t even mentioned the s’mores milk shake.

after awaking from a food coma the next morning, we hopped in the car, drove through the most beautiful gorge, in search of our next adventure, one that involved our mountain bikes…

seeing that my entire mountain biking experience has consisted of trails that resemble fire roads (with an occasional rock or two), i knew i was in for a shock when the road we were driving was bumpier than the trails i’m used to riding.

who knew our mountain bike adventure would include a 4-wheeling prelude with an amazing view of zions national park… gooseberry mesa, here we come!

mountain biking gooseberry mesa is unreal. i fell a LOT, yet somehow managed to accomplish even more. although, i’d be lying if i said i didn’t feel like crying at least once or twice.

gooseberry-mesaluckily, i had someone to play “follow the leader” with. which is pretty important, when you’re mountain biking 3 feet from the edge, of an extremely high cliff, & not very good at riding in a straight line.

definitely the most difficult 5.9 miles of my entire life. but am i glad i did it? yes!

spending the day, riding through the “painted dessert” – makes me remember just how beautiful the red rock of zions national park really is. a view like this is priceless, & definitely worth 5.9 miles of being terrified on  my mountain bike.

the sun was shining. the sky was blue. the view was incredible. &, i was mountain biking with my hubby – life is good. what more could i ask for?




Mountain biking is something that I would LOVE to try. Although not, um, at the top of a mountain! At least not my first try...


Happy Anniversary! That looks like such an amazing trip to take with your sweetheart! Your wedding photo is so beautiful, too :)


this was very sweet. and happy anniversary!


Congratulation on 10 years of bliss! Wishing you an eternity of happiness.


Sounds like a perfect way to celebrate. I've been to Zion National Park before and I loved it. Congrats on 10 years!! :)

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