anniversary summer adventure road trip {part 2}

by @according2kelly on August 22, 2011

after surviving the afternoon mountain biking gooseberry mesa, we said good bye to beautiful zions national park, re-loaded the bikes & luggage, and packed ourselves back in the car & headed towards part two of our anniversary summer adventure – park city.

moutain-biking-gooseberry-mesa& i have to say, jeffy must really love me – because i was a stinky hot mess, & he never said one word about it, on our 6+ hour car ride.

along the way, we took a stroll down memory lane… driving thru provo canyon (bridal veil falls, under the full moon light, is absolutely breath taking), reminiscing about our days at sundance & how we met, before we arrived at hotel park city.

this swanky hotel must have known it was our 10 year anniversary, or maybe they had heard i was a snowmama & just wanted to impress me, whatever the reason… they definitely treated us nice.

i honestly think our hotel park city suite was larger than our entire house. with a fireplace in the bedrooms, not one, not two, but THREE shower heads in the bathroom – i was definitely considering moving in, on a more permanent basis.

the next morning, we woke up refreshed & ready to attack the trails at deer valley resort. but, after remembering how many time i fell the day before, jeffy insisted i suit up for action.

mountain-biking-deer-valleyalthough, wearing full leg & knee pads left me feeling like i was preparing to play hockey, not go flying down a hill.

as we boarded the lift with carrie & todd, i was once again amazed at the beauty. i honestly can say park city is heaven on earth – year round.

we spent all day on the mountain… riding the lifts up & flying down the hill.

okay, that’s not exactly true. i kinda creeped my way slowly down the hill, with my hands gripped tightly on the brakes at all times. at the very least, i can say my bike & i grew much closer during this adventure… getting to know each other very well.

specialized-safirei practiced my switchbacks, attempted some obstacles, survived lots of roots, ruts & rocks, & even made a teeter toter. oh yeah, i may have also developed a little bit of a crush on my hubby…

watching him ride over logs, jumps, bumps, rock gardens & more, definitely left me feeling impressed, very much in awe & maybe a wee bit nervous.

mountain-biking-deer-valleyat the end of the day, i have to admit i was pretty proud of what i had accomplished. i wasn’t white-knuckling the brakes as much as i usually do, rocks & roots didn’t scare me like they used to & actually kinda of enjoyed mountain biking (just a little bit, i’d be lying though if i said i wasn’t still scared to death of mountain biking).

even though i had devoured my dvblt & several homemade ice cream sandwiches at lunch, after riding 13.9 miles downhill i was ready for dinner.

luckily, while strolling park city main street we stumbled upon wahso – an asian grill. where we feasted on octopus, chicken curry, miso cod & creme brulee baked & served in a coconut shell. yum. yum. yum.

wahso-park-cityafter a brief encounter with scott wolf (otherwise known as the party of give guy), we returned to the hotel, where we slept like babies & actually slept in for once in our lives.

following an amazing brunch, with an even more incredible view of the entire valley & the most beautiful clouds ever, (maybe it’s just me – but the clouds in utah seem extra fluffy), it was time for our short trip to end. once again we packed up the car & headed home.

but, we couldn’t leave utah without a visit to the iceberg, for thick shakes made with fresh black raspberries,  the most delicious onion rings & fry sauce – ever, and an extra-large cup of crushed ice.


i could have died happy right then & there. a shake so thick it can stand up on it’s own, AND you need a spoon to eat it?! i’m licking my lips just thinking about it.

red-rock-utahand while sunday afternoon vegas traffic was beyond awful, at least we had a beautiful view to stare at – it was almost too picturesque to be real.

i can’t think of a better way to celebrate 10 years of marriage, & start a new chapter in our very own, once upon a time…


ok, so it's the cutest thing that you call your hubby jeffy! i love that! :) what a cool and amazing getaway you had...thanks for such a fun recap!


OMG that shake. That looks SO GOOD. It's been way too long since I've been on a bike, you're making me want to go out riding again!


Um... you forgot to mention your visit to my tiny, messy house :) It was fun seeing you! I miss all hanging :)


I don't think I have ever seen a shake so thick! How Devine.


haha - he knows he's in trouble when i call him simply JEFF! & we had a great time. the first time we've been alone together, away from the kids, overnight.


the shake was AMAZING. even better than AMAZING - incredible!!! & you NEED to get on a bike!


i didn't want to make everyone jealous that we got to play!


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