running relay packing list

by @according2kelly on August 25, 2011

holy cow – have you even done a running relay? if you don’t know already, it pretty much takes over your life.

with three different running relays (the socal ragnar relay, the relay & hood to coast relay), almost under my belt – i feel like i know a thing or two about the subject. but, that doesn’t mean i feel any more prepared.

i’ve spent months preparing for the race, obsessing about potential team names, possible running costumes, & van decoration. but the time has finally come to pack my bags, suit up in my team sparkle skirt, cross my fingers, and hope & pray that  between my nuun hydration, & the kt tape on my knees, my body somehow survives the adventure.

the key to running relay packing is simplicity. when you’re spending lots of time in a van/car/truck with several other hot & sweaty runners, there isn’t a lot of space for luggage & luxuries. try to pack everything in labeled ziplock bags, or a small back pack.

running relay packing list

* 2-3 shirts (& sports bra)
* 2-3 pairs of socks
* shorts/ skirt
* running shoes
* running hat/ visor
* sunglasses
* flip flops (for in between runs)
* sweat shirt
* compression tights
* non-running, non-sweaty hat
* full change of clothes for after-party
* full change of clothes for the next day (if you are staying the night)
* swimsuit

* baby wipes (good for a quick “shower”)
* bio freeze or bengay
* tums
* deodorant
* body glide
* tooth brush & toothpaste/colgate wisp (disposable toothbrushes)
* sunscreen
* band aids
* lip balm
* advil (a BIG bottle)
* toilet paper (trust me, you’ll need it)
* blister cushions
* pony tail holders
* bug spray

* garmin
* kt tape
* sleeping bag/ pillow
* yoga mat to sleep on (if you have the space)
* ipod & a killer play list to listen to in the car
* head lamp
* reflective vest
* cash
* eye mask
* ear plugs
* car charger for phone, etc.
* large trash bag (rain poncho)
* the stick &/ or a tennis ball for on the road massages
* glow sticks
* sidewalk chalk (great for supplying motivation for runners)
* sharpie
* plastic ziplock bags for sweaty clothes
* snacks
* hydration (fruit punch flavored nuun is my beverage of choice)

so there you have it, my super-cool-super-fabulous running relay packing list. i just hope i haven’t forgotten anything?!

* edited to note: while i did bring extra running clothes & socks, let’s be honest – i NEVER changed. it’s probably smart to have an extra pair on hand, but in the rush & excitement of everything that was happening, changing our clothes never seemed like much of a priority. that being said, deodorant & body wipes became VERY important, as did the colgate wisp disposable tooth brushes – that was probably THE most important item on my running relay packing list (besides my running shoes, of course).

read about the ENTIRE totally-awesome-completely-fabulous-epic hood to coast adventure.


I've pinned this to my Ragnar board. It's still almost a year out (February 2014, Miami to Key West), but it's never too early to start planning!

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