what is nuun?

by @according2kelly on August 9, 2011

one of the questions i get asked most often is what is nuun? well, the easy answer is nuun is my secret weapon – it’s what powers me through workouts, races & every day life. of all the many electrolytes drinks on the market, this one is definitely the best (in my own humble opinion).

what-is-nuunwhat is nuun?

need more information? nuun is an athletic drink, even more specifically nuun is a type of electrolytes replacement.

basically, nuun is a tablet that you dissolve in your own water bottle (similar-ish, but much better tasting than alka seltzer). in less than two minutes you’ll have one of the most refreshing, most tasty, most hydrating drinks ever.

available in several flavors including strawberry lemonade, lemon tea, tropical, fruit punch, grape, tri-berry, orange, lemon + lime, banana, citrus fruit, & kona cola… nuun contains ZERO sugar, has less than 8 calories, & enough electrolytes to keep you hydrated (& even increase the amount of water that’s being absorbed into your blood stream).

so, whether you’re a you’re running, cycling, hiking, adventure racing, kayaking, golfing, or traveling, all you have to do is drop a nuun tab into your water bottle, give it a minute or so to dissolve, and you’ve got a perfectly mixed drink for optimal hydration.

buy nuun

ready to run out & pick up your own tube (or two) of nuun? you can shop online, but if you just can’t wait… you can find your nearest nuun retailer here.

nuun promo code

purchase nuun online using the promo codeafternuundelight” & you’ll receive 25% off of your nuun purchase thru the end of september 2011. trying to decide which flavors to try? i love ’em all, but my favorites are strawberry lemonade, fruit punch, grape, lemon + lime & banana.


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