DIY styrofoam christmas trees {from create-celebrate-explore}

by @according2kelly on September 11, 2011

for the entire month of september will be baking, sewing & crafting up a storm, preparing handmade gifts for this holiday season…

welcome to our holiday-inspired “bake, craft & sew along.” we will be baking, sewing & crafting up a storm, preparing handmade gifts for this holiday season all month long. yep! yep! 31 days of projects. so dust off your sewing machine, & head on over to skip to my lou for some fabulous sewing projects. a southern fairytale is spotlighting lots of edible yummies & holiday-inspired recipes you definitely don’t want to miss. & to check out ALL of our crafty & creative projects go HERE.

today, our featured blogger is party-planning, craft-a-holic tonya, of create-celebrate-explore. tonya writes…

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Hello everyone, I’m Tonya from Create-Celebrate-Explore.  I’m so happy to be here sharing a fun holiday project with you.  Thank you to Kelly, Rachel and Cindy for hosting this fun Holiday Bake, Craft & Sew along.

Most of my crafting is with, or for my children, so I wanted to share a fun snow day (or rainy day) project with you that the kids can help with leading up to the holiday season.

Styrofoam cones make fabulous decorations for the holiday season and there are endless possibilities on what you can use on them.

Here are just a few.

Decorate for the holidays

1st Tree:

Using Red Heart boutique Doodle Yarn in Aqua and Lime attach an end to the styrofoam cone with a small sequin pin and then wrap tightly around, securing the end with a sequin pin too.  Repeat for the next color.

2nd Tree:

Attach an assortment of buttons to the styrofoam cone with pins.

Handmade Christmas trees

3rd Tree:

Choose an assortment of yarn colors, as many or as few as you like and wind them very tightly around the tree securing the ends of each color with pins.  For this tree I used Impeccable Loops & Thread yarn in True Gray, Rouge, Aqua, and Grass.

4th Tree:

Feathers, feathers, and more feathers.  Packets of plain feathers at Michael’s craft stores are $1.99 a pack.  It took two packets to fill this cone.  Secure feathers using pins.

Glitter Christmas trees

It doesn’t get more sparkly than sequins and glitter.

5th Tree:

Secure an assortment of sequins in different sizes and colors with sequin pins.

6th Tree:

Using a brush and Elmer’s school glue, brush glue over the styrofoam cone in sections and pour glitter over the top.  Once dry spray on a sealant.

Kids will have a great time coming up with ideas on how to decorate their styrofoam cone.  Here are a couple more ideas:

  • Attach paper leaves.
  • Attach beautiful scrapbook paper using mod podge.
  • Pom Poms – try using green with the occasional red one
  • Tinsel – wrap it around similar to the Doodle Yarn
  • Scrunched tissue paper
  • Felt – either cut out felt leaves, or wrap a sheet of felt around the cone and attach felt balls

Tip: Put your finished trees on top of candle sticks or small pots.

Looking for some handmade gift ideas, check out tonya’s handmade gift guide.


Blog button 125 about tonya: Tonya is a mother of 3 (twin 5 year olds and a teenager) living in San Diego and married to the military, but was born and raised in Australia.  When she’s not crafting, experimenting in the kitchen, taking photographs, or entertaining guests, her family is often hiking or taking the kids somewhere they haven’t been before.

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Wow, this is superb collection. I really like this creative art of making things through polystyrene Styrofoam. The 4th and 2nd is incredible. I want these, so making a plan to create my own. And ordered some polystyrene and Styrofoam from and hope so I will create like your's  and will gift it to my mother. 


I love the button and sequin trees! So adorable! I featured them in my blog post today.

Mod Podge Amy
Mod Podge Amy

These are so fun!! I can't wait to get going on some Mod Podge ones myself. Yay!


Thank~You Tonya!! I made them last year, and did not give them away because of the flaking. I will look for a non yellowing glossy sealant! Huggs, Nancy


Cute! What Brand of Sealant do you use on the Glitter Trees? Thanks for Sharing!! Nancy

Tonya Staab
Tonya Staab

Nancy, there are a few options of things you can do here. I used just a clear acrylic sealant (Plastercraft gloss) that I happened to have on hand from other projects, it will still flake off just a little but not as much as it would if you used nothing. Mod Podge will work great too. Just make sure that whatever you use to seal it doesn't yellow and dries clear and is preferably in a gloss. Another way you can do this is to use glitter glue, or use glitter spray paint. I just used what I had on hand.


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