DIY wall canvases {from the pleated poppy}

by @according2kelly on September 2, 2011

for the entire month of september will be baking, sewing & crafting up a storm, preparing handmade gifts for this holiday season…

welcome to our holiday-inspired “bake, craft & sew along.” we will be baking, sewing & crafting up a storm, preparing handmade gifts for this holiday season all month long. yep! yep! 31 days of projects. so dust off your sewing machine, & head on over to skip to my lou for some fabulous sewing projects. a southern fairytale is spotlighting lots of edible yummies & holiday-inspired recipes you definitely don’t want to miss. & to check out ALL of our crafty & creative projects go HERE.

today, our featured blogger is the crazily crafty, perfect adorable lindsey of the pleated poppy. lindsey writes…

hi friends! i’m lindsey from the pleated poppy! thanks so much to kelly for hosting this craft along!

i made this art piece a few months ago and i thought i’d show you a little how-to so you can do it too! it was super easy and i want to make a million more. i think covering a whole wall like this would be amazing!

these canvases would be really fun to make for christmas gifts, maybe in a smaller size, and you could completely customize the colors to work for the recipient’s taste and colors of their home.

so this is the original i wanted to copy was inspired by. isn’t it amazing?! i love the randomness, the use of colors and neutrals, and the fact that the artist left some spots unpainted. i found it at world market, but can’t find it online anymore 🙁

my friend decided to make one as well for her guest house. her’s is the bigger one on the right. i ended up making mine more of a parchment color, different from what is pictured here. the grey was too close to my existing wall color (silver sage by restoration hardware). we used a mix of acrylic craft paints – grey white, brown, gold – and just squirted them all over randomly then brushed over them to blend and smooth them out a bit. we made sure to get the edges at the same time so we had the same mix of colors at the edge to match the canvas. i also used some water to dilute my paint a bit, too.

this was the trickiest part, but still super easy, just a bit time consuming. we first decided what size we wanted our circles to be. we ended up using an upside down drinking glass. i measured the diameter of the top of the glass (3 1/2) then divided that number by 2 and got 1 3/4″. so that’s the spacing we used for the stripes, vertically and horizontally. after all of those lines were marked we used the glass and just traced with a pencil around it to make the circles.

then came the fun part! i just randomly used colors, mixing a few together, and filled in the “petals”. i found it was kind of hard to be random, like being intentionally unintentional 😉

i use a super fancy tray for mixing my paints – a pie tin. when i mixed my paints, i didn’t want to color to be solid so i dipped my brush in a few colors at a time and let them mix a little on the canvas.

i kept my laptop out to refer back to the original. i kept wanting to add more color, but new i’d get too rainbow-y if i didn’t balance it with neutrals and blank spots.

our finished art! my friend’s is totally different from mine – she had a color pallet she was working with and i was going more random. i love how both of them turned out!

so fun!

for more great ideas visit lindsey at her amazingly, breathtaking blog the pleated poppy. or, follow her on twitter @thepleatedpoppy.

about lindsey: lindsey ismarried to an incredibly supportive husband and plays mom to 3 littles, 7 and under. her days are full of sewing, trying to enjoy home schooling, crafting, snuggling, avoiding the laundry, sneaking bites of chocolate, and wondering “is it naptime yet?”. she is also the fabric-hoarding, late-night working girl behind the pleated poppy, her little online shop where she gets to create bits of goodness and send them out to customers far and wide.

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mom taxi julie
mom taxi julie

That turned out super cute! I was wondering about the penciled lines too.


Love it!! Question though what did you do about the penciled lines? Erase them? Shanda

lindsey - the pleated poppy
lindsey - the pleated poppy

hi shanda! i actually left the pencil lines, as did the original artist. i really like how they looked and kind of showed how the painting progressed. xoxo lindsey


Such a cute and seemingly easy craft. I'd love to add some canvas art to my walls.

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