hood to coast {after-NUUN delight, van 2}

by @according2kelly on September 17, 2011

already i’ve introduced you to the entire after-NUUN delight team – 12 of the most amazing running bloggers i know. but considering i spent most of my 28ish hours with the ladies of van two – i thought you deserved to get to know them a wee bit better.

meet jen, a nuun employee & runner 7, 19 & 31

meet carrie of this mama makes stuff, & runner 8, 20 & 32

meet mel of tall mom on the run, & runner 9, 21 & 33

tall-mom-on-the-runmeet mel of will run for margaritas, & runner 10, 22 & 34

meet megan of watch mego run, & runner 12, 24, & 36

meet ken, a nuun employee & driver extraordinaire

and i simply can’t talk about after-NUUN delight
without once again mentioning van one, consisting of…

kimberly, lauren, alanna, dorothy, emily & jocelyn
& their totally & completely, absolutely fabulous driver – mason

i love how comfortable the president of nuun (yes! the president!)
looks wearing his hot pink team sparkle skirt – it just screams confidence.

read about the ENTIRE totally-awesome-completely-fabulous-epic hood to coast adventure.


LOVE this!!! So cute and creative. Seriously MISS YOU!!


So cute Kelly! Love it :) After I watched the video, I listened to pumped up kicks on repeat, just so I could feel like I was there again

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