hood to coast {legends}

by @according2kelly on September 15, 2011

wearing a rainbow of team sparkle skirts & driving around in our tye-dyed psychedelic van, i’d like to think that afternuun delight may one day be considered a hood to coast legend.

but, when you are participating in the mother of all relays, the famed hood to coast, there a few legendary teams, that if you’re lucky – you may just get to meet.dead-jocks-in-a-boxdead jocks in a box is a team of “over-the-hill-athletes” (their words, not mine) and one of hood to coast’s most beloved teams, who just happen to win (or nearly win) their division each & every year for 30 years.

the team is completely consists of men, over the age of fifty. they drive around in a van, with a coffin on the roof, rating other runners attire (mostly female) & placing worthy candidates on their virtual “fashion board.”

& while i wasn’t lucky enough to run thru a dead jocks “power arch” – i did get meet & greet the team.

another favorite team – the road kilts. 12 men, running 200 miles, wearing kilts. their only rule? everyone’s third (& final) leg MUST be run “commando.”

i don’t want even think about the chafing that must have been involved.

cereal-killersand finally, the award for  most creative (& memorable) team at this year’s hood to coast (in my humble opinion?) definitely goes to the “cereal” killers – 12 runners, dressed as 12 different “cereal” killers.

tony the tiger, lucky the lepruchan  to name a few. but my favorite by far was captain crunch.

all i have to say, while hood to coast is most definitely a race – it’s not the competition you remember, but the people.

read about the ENTIRE totally-awesome-completely-fabulous-epic hood to coast adventure.



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