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by @according2kelly on September 12, 2011

i’ve already posted my running relay packing list – that’s where you’ll find my list of runners basics, you’ll need for any (& every running relay)… shoes, socks & other running gear. but, today we’re talking about my hood to coast “running essentials” – these are the goodies & must-haves, that made my hood to coast experience practically a luxury vacation.

* nuun – i never leave home without it. i’ve already waxed philosophical about nuun on mulitple occasions – but just in case you’ve been hiding under a rock & still don’t know how i feel about nuun – with 0 sugars, 0 carbs, only 8 calories & tons of electorlytes, it’s my secret weapon, it’s what powers me through workouts, races & every day life.

* my red team sparkle skirt & power bands – as team sparkle says… run hard. run pretty. there is NO better feeling than passing a guy while wearing a team sparkle skirt. seriously – being passed by a girl, has got to hurt. being passed by a girl in a skirt, must suck. but being passed by a girl in a team sparkle skirt? i can’t even imagine the humiliation guys must feel.

* my CONQUER endorphin warrior training bracelet – i must admit, i still haven’t taken off my endorphin warrior bracelet. just like i was running hood to coast, my CONQUER bracelet has continued to inspire & motivate me. i honestly think i need to order another one – i think BELIEVE is next.

* my special edition nuun head sweats hat – it fits perfectly & truly is the perfect hat. i kinda want to wear it everyday.

* my turquoise kt tape – another one of my must-have-can’t-leave-home-without-it products. i carry kt tape in my purse, that’s how much of an ubber fan i am. i honestly believe, that it would be impossible for me to run without this around my knees. i don’t know how, but after applying kt tape to my knees, something magical happens & the pain goes away, & i’m actually able to run.

* nathan’s power shower wipes – when you’re running 20ish miles, over 28 hours, & squishing into a van with several other people, you want the best. baby wipes are good, but i was blown away by the power shower wipes & i loved the fresh clean scent. they were definitely the next best thing to taking a shower.

* my stronger, faster, better inperspire towel: i love what inperspire says… “you supply the sweat, we supply the motivation.” so true. this towel has become my mantra – i can’t imagine working out, or racing without it.

* smart girls who surf sunscreen: i use this sunscreen every day, so there was no way i was traveling to oregon without it. i love that the products are  completely natural, loaded with antioxidants, chemical free, water-resistant and won’t sting my eyes. my favorite for on-the-go use? the face stick – it keeps my skin safe without getting sticky or gooey.

* build a sign car magnets: car magnets are key to a fabulous-looking relay car. in past years i’ve actually had magnets fall off the car! luckily, these car magnets were super-duper-extra-strength strong, making sure we could easily spread the after-NUUN delight love.

* sprigs bangee wristband: i love running with my iphone – that way i can listen to music, use the gps, and maybe on occasion tweet. but, up until discovering the bangee wristband, carrying my phone while running has always been a wee bit of a problem. luckily their BIG bangee is just big enough for my phone, & the zipper ensures it won’t fall out. love it!

* tye dye one love collections headband: i don’t know what i loved more – the way this headband matched my skirt perfectly, or how fabulous it feels on my head. this headband was definitely a relay staple i won’t leave home without. not only did it hold my hair back & keep the sweat out of my eyes – it also doubled as an eye mask when i was trying to get a bit of shut eye in the van.

* colgate wisp: these disposable tooth brushes came in so handy. seeing that we were constantly on the move, & with all the excitement of the relay, we were always forgetting to brush our teeth. gross, i know! luckily i had thrown these in my bag & they were an instant success with the folks in my van – definitely don’t leave home for a relay without them!

* my saucony “find your strong” drawstring back pack: this little pack was the perfect place to store all of my goodies while we were road tripping. & the best part? every time i dug into it, trying to find something, i was reminded to find my strong.

so there you have it…. my hood to coast “running essentials” list. these definite must-haves will definitely be on all future relay packing lists, they helped make my hood to coast experience totally & completely fabulous.

read about the ENTIRE totally-awesome-completely-fabulous-epic hood to coast adventure.

Kellie Hollister
Kellie Hollister

This is a great list! I ran the H2C for the first time this year and will certainly be making my own "Event" Bag. Another item I became aware of this year was a Timbuk2 bag. A friend of mine had it and she explained how she was able to personalize just for her, it was so cool! I can't wait to get my very own. www.timbuk2.com Again, thanks for the great list!


ohhhh?! a personalized bag?! i'm totally checking it out. thanks for the heads up!

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