becoming supermom

by @according2kelly on October 17, 2011

i hate to shatter any images you might have had of me, but i’m far from perfect & i am definitely not super mom… or at least i never thought i was.

luckily, i’ve realized, my kids think differently. in their eyes i AM supermom.

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knowing that my kids see me as the best-est mom ever, has helped me slowly but surely began to understand, & even believe what david allen once said…you-can-do-anything-but-not-everythingtoo many times i have let feelings of being overwhelmed & inadequate, take over. i have been comparing myself to a list of expectations that are completely unrealistic. but, not anymore. from now on, i’m going to try seeing myself through the eyes of my kids – as supermom. i’m the first to admit that being a mom is hard, hard work. but luckily, “we’re all in this together.” sure, it might be a line from a cheesy disney movie. but, cheesey or not, the words definitely ring true. it’s kinda like our very own, very special supermom anthem:

everyone (every mom) is special
in their own way
we make each other strong
we’re not the same
we’re different
in a good way
together’s where we belong

we’re all in this together
once we know that we are
we’re all stars
and we see that
we’re all in this together

i love that… “we’re all in this together!” suddenly i don’t feel so alone. because, often times, that’s exactly how i feel – alone.

when you are deep in the throws of motherhood, it’s easy to think that you’re all alone, that no one has ever felt this way before, or would understand what you’re going through. but luckily, this isn’t true. mothers all over the world, at this exact moment, are having the exact same feelings & emotions.

together we can share our experiences & frustrations, our disappointments & joys, and together “we make each other strong.”

so today i thank YOU. thank you for helping me find my inner supermom. thank you for encouraging me. thank you for being a shoulder to lean on. thank you for inspiring me. thank you for listening to me. thank you for sharing your experiences with me. thank you for not judging me. thank you for always being there. thank you for making me stronger. we are definitely “all in this together.”

in the end of the day, all i can hope for, all anyone can hope for, is to my best & follow mr. lincoln’s advice: “whatever you are, be a good one.”

so maybe i’m not the supermom i envisioned, & i still maybe from perfect. but i know that i am always, always doing my best… & somewhere along the way, i have become my kids’ very own supermom.


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