over the hump mountain bike series

by @according2kelly on October 10, 2011

as i’ve said, time & time before, mountain biking scares me – in that white knuckled, queasy stomach, heart skipping kinda way. but i wasn’t going to let my fear get in my way…

so – for the past couple of months i’ve participated in orange county’s best (& only) mid-week mountain bike race – the over the hump mountain bike series.

over-the-hump-mountain-bikelast year i participated as a cheerleader, but this year i pulled on my team sparkle skirt, filled my water bottle with nuun, taped up my knees, tatted up my legs with temporary tattoos so often people started thinking they were real, & competed (in the women’s beginner division), each & every week.

several crashes, lots of scrapes, a couple of fractured fingers & one hairline break in my wrist later – i’m pretty happy i faced my fears head on.over-the-humpweek 1: 13th place, 52 minutes & 41.1 seconds
week 2: 15th place, one hour, 5 minutes & 33.7 seconds
week 3: 10th place, 58 minutes & 40.2 seconds
week 4: 12th place, one hour, six minutes & 48.2 seconds
week 5: 9th place, 53 minutes & 13.8 seconds
week 6: 8th place, 52 minutes & 16.1 seconds
week 7: 6th place, 52 minutes & 16.2 seconds
week 8: 3rd place, 50 minutes & 30.8 seconds
week 9: 6th place, 47 minutes & 51.3 seconds
week 10: 5th place, 46 minutes & 54.2 seconds
week 11: 7th place, 50 minutes & 14.9 seconds
week 12: 8th place, 51 minutes & 57.9 seconds

overall: 4th place, out of 66 participants

after coming in nearly last place the first couple of weeks, i was thrilled when i finally broke the top ten, but i was even more excited when i finished in the top 30% & brought home the coveted over the hump pint glass.


& i wasn’t the only member of our family racing over the hump mountain bike series. while my hubby was stuck on the sidelines, gavin & owen both participated in the weekly kids races as well…


packing up their bikes, getting their very own “number plate” & mountain bike racing (just like mom & dad) was the highlight of their week (& mine too). i love sharing my passion (albeit a white knuckled passion) for pedaling with the kids.


I am SOOOO jealous of your ability to get on the mountain bike and race! Mountain biking without the race scares me enough! One fall and I am just done for the whole season. I have been forced to learn mountain biking for a trail run series I put on (r-u-nevents.com) where we also give out pint glasses! You are my inspiration to keep trying.


if i can do it - anyone can do it. i am terrified of mountain biking, but it's slowly starting to grow on me. how fun that you put on a trail series - what a blast. if i lived closer, i'd definitely come race... i bet it's awesome.

Annster's Domain
Annster's Domain

AWESOME! Go you!!! That is fantastic - you are inspiring to me!


ahhh shucks! i can't imagine that i really inspire you... especially since i'm terrified the entire time I'm racing. But i do kinda love it.

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