10 minute DIY no-sew scarves tutorial {yarn crafts}

by @according2kelly on December 20, 2011

these quick & easy, 10-minute DIY no-sew scarves are totally fun, & completely fabulous.

& honestly, you could probably make this DIY scarf in just 5 minutes. it’s the perfect yarn craft. plus, it’s a no-sew, non-crochet, non-knit scarf tutorial – so EVERYONE can make it (including me).


you probably wouldn’t be surprised to hear me admit i have a wee bit of a craft addiction. my cupboards are overflowing with craft supplies, including dozens of spools (or is it skeins?!) of yarn. the funny thing? i don’t knit or crochet! any craft involving a needle or hook terrifies me.

so i’m terribly excited to announce that i’ve partnered with lion brand yarn, and some of my crafty bloggers (like this mama makes stuff & little birdie secrets), to create easy, non-knitting, non-crochet yarn crafts featuring the fabulous & fun lion brand yarn products…

10-minute DIY no-sew scarves tutorial {yarn crafts}


once i laid eyes on lion brand’s amazing yarn (& it’s rainbow of tweedy stripe patterns, truly are amazing), i just knew i had to create something.

it’s soft & cuddly, the colors are absolutely amazing (21 colors to choose from?! i guarantee you’ll have a hard decision on your hands) – it’s perfect for a scarf.

10 minute DIY no-sew scarves tutorial supplies:

* one skein of lion brand amazing yarn (for this project i used aurora)
* scotch tape
* scissors
* 2 chairs

10 minute DIY no-sew scarves tutorial instructions:

no-sew-scarf-tutorialtape the end of your yarn to a chair, leaving a 2″ yarn tail.

diy-scarfplace the two chairs next to each & wrap. if you want a shorter scarf, i’ve also “wrapped” a piece of cardboard, a picture frame & several household items, while making scarves.

although, i’ve found that two kitchen chairs make a perfect double (& possibly triple wrapped) infinity scarf (or circle scarf).

i just love how pretty the yarn looks… it’s a rainbow of beautiful perfection – i could stare at it all day.

but don’t stare too long, after all i did promise you could make this scarf in just 10 minutes.

no-sew-scarfafter you’ve wrapped your chair to a thickness of your liking (i wrapped my chairs approximately 52 times – i wanted to see the entire rainbow), carefully remove your scarf from your chairs, and lay it down on a flat surface.

make sure your two loose ends are in the same place (or cut one end, so that they match up).

quick-and-easy-scarfusing a piece of yarn approximately 4″ long, tie a double-knot around the entire scarf, (securing your two loose ends) & then trim the yarn tails to approximately 1″ each.

easy-scarfusing a double knot, secure the remainder of the lion brand skein approximately 1″ from the knot you just tied (to secure the scarf), & wrap.

wrap all of your loose ends, wrap the knot you used to secure the scarf, & continue wrapping approximately 1″ past the securing knot.

wrapped-scarfonce you’ve wrapped the scarf approximately 2″ (making sure to secure all of the loose ends), finish your “wrap” by tying a double knot around the scarf.

cut a tail approximately 3-4″ long, & finger weave the yarn “tail,” hiding it among the other strands of the scarf.


ta da! you’re done. i promised it would be quick & easy, and i delivered.

the 10 minute DIY no-sew scarves are the perfect accessory. & the lion brand amazing yarn provides a definite pop of color that will instantly brighten up your day.

i like to twist the scarf (one hand holding the “wrapped” securing knot & one hand on the middle, and twist, twist, twist), then wrap the scarf around my neck two or three times (depending on my mood & how sassy i’m feeling), with the “wrapped” knot in front…

10-minute-diy-no-sew-scarves-tutoriali’m definitely making another scarf (or two) in some of the other amazing yarn colorways. although, the lion brand homespun yarn in ambrosia is also calling my name. i just love how quick & easy this works up – yet, it looks just like scarves i’ve been seeing in the stores lately!

disclaimer: this is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of lion brand yarn. the opinions & ideas expressed by me do not necessarily reflect the view of lion brand yarn. we been compensated for writing this post & hosting the giveaway. however all opinions are 100% our own, and we really do love lion brand yarn & i have an excessive number of spools/ball/skeins of yarn to prove it.

ps. hope you have fun making your very own 10 minute DIY no-sew scarves.

Susan Williams
Susan Williams

I feel really dumb asking this, but I don't understand how the scarf is secured around your neck. I know it's circular, but after u twist several times, I keep thinking there has to be some fringe or something to hold it on! Love those colors and the securing knot. Really neat! Thanks for answering my "duh" question! Thanks, Susan


This is so cute and pretty! i love them and they are warm and an outfit compliment! im wearing mine now!

sharon garofalow
sharon garofalow

I am currently making tons of party decorations with yarn for my son's bday party and this scarf will totally translate in to a cool garland!! So glad I found your post!!!


This is sooooo awesome. I'm making one today as I have yarn-a-plenty as well! LOVE it!

Christina Simon
Christina Simon

These gorgeous photos want to make me pick up some yarn and start a DIY Scarf!!


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