{las vegas} rock ‘n roll 1/2 marathon

by @according2kelly on December 13, 2011

las-vegas-rock-n-roll-half-marathonthey promised the las vegas rock ‘n roll half marathon would be the largest nighttime running event, & they weren’t lying. over 44,000 people ran, walk, limped & even crawled the strip at night on december 4th, 2011 – and i was one of them.

i flew in early sunday morning, after spending  a couple days “on the mountain” at park city mountain resort, with the snowmamas (but that’s another story for another day).

luckily, my hubby jeffy  wanted to run the strip at night too, so i had someone to share my rock ‘n roll half marathon excursion with.

las-vegas-rock-n-roll-half-marathonlooking back, it still amazes me that they closed down the entire las vegas strip, just for us. really & truly, the las vegas rock ‘n roll half marathon was quite the adventure – we got to experience the las vegas strip – it’s sights, sounds (& even smells), in a way that very few people have.

okay that’s a bit of an overstatement, we got to experience the strip in a way that only 43,998 other people have experienced it – on foot, from the middle of the street. we literally had the “best seats in the house” for 13.1 miles.

i won’t deny there were a few issues on the course (some people experienced a lack of water during the race, & there was a shortage of medals), & it was definitely crowded – but jeffy & i had decided early on to run this race “just for fun.”

we had no time goals, no expectations, we just wanted to experience the las vegas rock ‘n roll half marathon, together. & we did – we ran the entire race side-by-side, even finishing with the exact same time.

las-vegas-rock-n-roll-half-marathon& as much as i enjoyed this quality one-on-one time with the hubby (although, there was very little talking & lots of heavy breathing going on), the biggest race-thrill for me? my running costume.

i couldn’t rock the strip at night without paying homage to the king himself. so of course, i wore an elivs-inspired costume for running (with a team sparkle twist)…


{elvis costume for running}

* nuun hat (i can’t run without it)
* elvis-inspired sun glasses (& yes! i ran the entire 13.1 miles wearing the sunglasses, at night. & while i was able to see just fine, reading my watch & pace was impossible)
* hand bedazzled long-sleeve target running shirt (did you notice the rhinestone notes & sleeves?)
* elvis-inspired “popped” collar & cape
* team sparkle showgirl skirt in silver (you can’t run the strip at night without some fringe and sequins)
* rock ‘n roll musical note knee socks
* my blue suede new balance 1400s

other than running with my hubby, wearing my elvis-inspired rock ‘n roll running costume, & my delicious after-dinner at holstein’s,  my new “bling” is another race favorite… i have to say, when it comes to medals, the rock ‘n roll race series does it right. the vegas skyline, & a touch of glitter – it’s definitely pretty.


las vegas rock ‘n roll half marathon by the numbers

* total time 1:47:56, with a pace of 8:14 minutes per mile
* 108th place out of 4,067 women in my age group
* 409th place out of 21,124 women
* 5K split time 24:30
* 10K split time 49:34
* 10 mile split time 1:12: 36

all in all, we created fabulous memories & had an amazing las vegas rock ‘n roll half marathon experience!




How did you keep the cape from bothering you during the run?  I dressed up as Supergirl one race--just a 5K--and the stupid cape kept flying into my face and totally messing with me and it was *hot*!  I said I'd never do capes again.  I had to ditch wings a while back because they kept tilting and it would bother me too.  I would pin them down as best I could but still….

Doing Vegas Half this Nov 2014 and already thinking about what to wear.  Showgirl probably.  :-)--figure the feather headpiece won't be too bothersome.  But maybe Elvis.  Your costume was awesome!

Did your hubby dress as Elvis?  What would recommend for a man?  My brother and his wife got married in Vegas, wearing Elvis outfits, and he's doing this half with me and trying to convince his wife to do it too (it'll be her first).  We thought we could try convincing her with the costumes….


OK, I need to find where you got that skirt! I went to the Team Sparkle/ Sparkle Athletic webpage, but there's nothing with those tiers like that. Awesome outfit!


omg Kelly! I freakin love the whole outfit! I want to sign up for the RnR Providence 1/2, and I want that skirt! I love the whole costume! What did you use to make the top?



This is so exciting!! My sister and I are running this year! I can't wait!!


I wonder if I saw you run by? I stood out there for hours trying to spot some friends. There were some many people I never saw anyone!


Hey! Stopping by from MomsLa! What a FUN half-marathon! Congratulations on completing one! I would totally run one if it had that much glitz! And your outfit is awesome!


Love the outfit! I can't imagine a time in Vegas where the strip is not jammed with cars.

Christina Simon
Christina Simon

I started playing tennis 4 years ago and love it. I don't run marathons, but sometimes after a match or game, I feel like I have.


Good for you! I've never thought I could run a marathon but highly respect those who can. And that costume! LOVE IT! You were probably the most fashionably dressed there!

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