yarn pom pom tutorial {yarn crafts}

by @according2kelly on December 16, 2011

i’m loving this yarn pom pom tutorial from mandy of little birdie secrets it’s a perfect yarn craft. plus, it’s a no-sew, non-crochet, non-knit tutorial – so EVERYONE can make it (including me).

yarn-pom-pom-tutorialyou probably wouldn’t be surprised to hear me admit i have a wee bit of a craft addiction. my cupboards are overflowing with craft supplies, including dozens of spools (or is it skeins?!) of yarn. the funny thing? i don’t knit or crochet! any craft involving a needle or hook terrifies me.

so i’m terribly excited to announce that i’ve partnered with lion brand yarn, and some of my crafty bloggers (like mandy), to create easy, non-knitting, non-crochet yarn crafts featuring the fabulous & fun lion brand yarn products.

by the way, if you haven’t met mandy, check her out… she is one half of the duo behind  little birdie secrets which is a place where two friends share their ideas, knowledge, and finished projects with fellow crafters. their mission is to share fun and creative crafting projects, tips, and tutorials to make crafting easier and more fun.  “like” her on facebook,  or follow her on pinterest.


Hello! It’s so great to be back guest posting for Kelly! I’m Mandy from Little Birdie Secrets, and I have a confession to make. I am a yarn addict. I go to the yarn aisle every time I’m at a craft store, even if I don’t have a project in mind. I love the colors, the textures, and the possibilities of something soft and handmade. Mostly I crochet, so when Kelly challenged me to make something non-crochet or knit using some of Lion Brand’s newest yarns, of course I jumped at the chance to stretch myself!

I love yarn pom poms, so I decided to try stringing a few together to make a holiday garland. I loved it so much, but with my Christmas Advent calendar already hanging on my mantel, I decided to let it rest on the mantel as a non-hanging garland, and I love how it turned out! Here’s a simple tutorial showing how to make a pom-pom garland with a pom pom maker (or you can do it without!).

Yarn Pom Pom Garland Tutorial {yarn crafts}

*Yarn in different colors–here are the Lion Brand yarns I used:
Silky Twist Yarn: Olive
Silky Twist Yarn: Cherry Red
Silky Twist Yarn: Linen
Silky Twist Yarn: Cactus
Martha Stewart Crafts Lofty Wool Blend: Red Dahlia
Martha Stewart Crafts Lofty Wool Blend: Snowdrift
Nature’s Choice Organic® Cotton: Dusty Sage
Homespun® Yarn: Candy Apple
*Pom Pom Maker (or use rectangular pieces of cardboard or chipboard, cut into different widths from 1″ to 5″)
*Yarn needle

1. I used Lion Brand’s tree pom pom maker and it was such a breeze! There are holes at 1″ intervals, so you can easily move the markers to make pom poms from 1″ to 7″. If you don’t have a pom pom maker, cut different rectangles of cardboard or chipboard about 5″ long and varying in width from 1″ to 5″.

Wrap the yarn around the tree or cardboard between 25 and 125 times, depending on the size of the pom pom and bulkiness of the yarn. Experiment to see what works best for your yarn and size. For smaller pom poms (1″) I only wrapped it 25 times, for medium (2″ – 3″) I wrapped it 50-75 times (depending on the weight of the yarn) and for the larger sizes (4″ – 5″) I ended up wrapping 125 times for added fluff.
2. Using the tree: while the yarn is still wrapped, take a piece of the same yarn and tie it around the middle of the entire wrapped portion and tie a knot (once only).  Using cardboard: carefully slide the cardboard out from the center of the yarn, carefully keeping the roll intact. Then tie a knot around the center.
3. Slide the pom pom off the tree if you’re using it. For both methods, now you want to really cinch that knot and tie it as tightly as possible.
4. Next you’re going to release the pom pom! Cut through all layers of loops, being careful not to cut the tie that holds them all together (not that I’ve ever done that or anything).
5. Your pom pom is not quite done. Time for a haircut! Trim pom pom so most the yarn is uniform, making it rounder and cleaner looking. I like to turn the pom pom as I cut so I’m not making new angles that need to be trimmed. It doesn’t need to be perfect, but take a few minutes to clean it up a little.
6. When your pom poms are all done, line them up in the order you want them in.
Using the yarn needle threaded with another piece of coordinating yarn, push it through the center of each pom pom and slide it along your yarn length. You can space them out or keep them close together, it’s up to you.
When they’re all strung, make sure you leave a little on the ends for hanging. Here’s an example of a hanging pom pom garland:
yarn pom pom garland how to

Or lay them flat along your mantel like you would a greenery garland. I love the splash of color all those gorgeous yarns give! These would be darling for birthday parties, too!

yarn pom poms garland how to make
I’m so glad Kelly and Lion Brand challenged me to use yarn in a new way! I especially loved the way the new Silky Twist and the Homespun yarn from Lion Brand–they created a really different texture than most regular yarns would. I’m going to keep crocheting, but I think my hats are going to sporting pom poms from now on!

yarn pom pom tutorial giveaway

want to make your very own yarn pom pom garland? even better, want to WIN all the supplies needed to make your very own garland? mandy is hosting a giveaway featuring EVERYTHING you need to make your very own yarn pom poms (including the lion brand yarn & pom pom maker). all you have to do is visit her blog HERE, & leave a comment.

disclaimer: this is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of lion brand yarn. the opinions & ideas expressed by me do not necessarily reflect the view of lion brand yarn. we been compensated for writing this post & hosting the giveaway. however all opinions are 100% our own, and we really do love lion brand yarn & i have an excessive number of spools/ball/skeins of yarn to prove it.


ps. hope you have fun with this yarn pom pom garland tutorial!

finally i find how to make pom pom yarn, tx u for ur pom pom tutorial.


Sprayed mine with a little adhesive glitter! They look amazing!


I love this idea! I already have some red and white yarn at home so I'm definitely giving this a try! I might as well use what I have rather than go out and buy some more garland. Thanks!


I love how soft and lush they look!

Sheri L
Sheri L

I used to make pom poms all the time when I was younger- using the cardboard method, of course. Love that hand contraption- and the yarn colors are awesome-

Melissa Kelly
Melissa Kelly

I have never worked with yarn before. This project has inspired me to give it a try. Thanks it is super cute!


I really like the pom pom and the ideas that you gave. My mind has started working and I maybe up all night. Thanks a million Dannie

Kathryn Trevor
Kathryn Trevor

Wow love the pompom maker as a small child we used two circles of cardwith a hole in the middle and once the hole was full the pompom was ready took for ever this little gadget looks fab and so easy to use I want a pompom maker in the UK


Can't knit or crochet so this would be right up my alley. Easy enough for me to even do I think. Great tutorial Thank you ColleenB.


I like the idea of using yarn in a way that doesn't involve knitting or crocheting. And the result is adorable!


I am thinking I may start a yarn collection. It looks delicious. Great project. Adding to my list now.


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